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Create a SIG


A group of Members will only be eligible for approval as an Affiliated or Society Special Interest Group if:

  • its sole purpose is to carry out the Society's objects within its specialist area
  • it consists of at least twenty five (25) Ordinary and/or Honorary and/or Retired Members of the Society
  • all its members are members of the Society
  • it is open to more than one professional group or area of discipline - its interest will be in one subject area and it has a governing document in force

Specific Regulations have been created with regards to establishment, status, benefits, constitutions, membership, administration, assets, income & expenditure, rules for operation, information, accounts, dissolution, dismissal and suspension.

Any member wishing to create a Special Interest Group is asked to read the Regulations governing Society SIGs and Affiliated SIGs.

Any member wishing to create a new Special Interest Group must do so by completing the Special Interest Group Application Form.

Once completed, the form must be sent to the Honorary Secretary of the Society, together with 25 signatures of members of the Society. Where it is difficult to obtain 25 signatures on one form, the 25 signatures may be gathered on separate SIG membership forms. SIG membership forms can be found in the ‘Join a SIG’ section.

The Council of the Society will then assess the application and where the application criteria is met, a Society SIG or Affiliated SIG status will then be granted.




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