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The European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC) is a multidisciplinary professional organisation in the field of pain science and medicine, made up of the 29 European chapters of IASP (International Association for the Study of Pain).

The British Pain Society is its British Chapter.

Established in 1993, EFIC's 31 constituent chapters represent close to 20,000 scientists, physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and other healthcare professionals across Europe who study pain and treat patients in pain. EFIC's aims are to advance research, education, clinical management and professional practice related to pain, and to serve as an authoritative, scientifically based resource concerning policy issues related to pain and its management.

European Journal of Pain
Members of the British Pain Society are entitled to receive a complimentary electronic copy of EFIC's European Journal of Pain. With effect from September 2008, EJP is now distributed as an electronic copy. To sign up to receive your free copy, please visit: http://www.europeanjournalpain.com/

For 2009, Members of the British Pain Society are able to receive a reduced rate on the printed versions of the EJP. Members will receive all 10 print issues of the journal and will have the possibility to access the online version of the journal by registering at the EFIC website www.efic.org at a cost of 30 EUROS for 2009.

EFIC - Fondazione IBSA - Publication Award 2014

The EFIC Fondazione IBSA Publication Award sponsored by Fondazione IBSA for Scientific Research, Switzerland consists of € 2,500.- which will be given to a young first author of an excellent original article in the areas of pain research or pain medicine published in an international peer-reviewed journal in 2013.


  • Applicant is the first author (the award can be split between equally contributing first authors, but only one of the authors is invited to the Awarding Ceremony in Brussels) of a publication from a non-commercial institution (university, public research institute, hospital, etc.) in the area of pain research or pain medicine.
  • The paper must be published (in press or online) in an international peer-reviewed journal in 2013
  • The applicant is under 40 years of age at the date of acceptance of the article by the journal
  • The applicant's professional affiliation is in a European country
  • The signed application along with a PDF copy of the paper is submitted to EFIC®Headquarters Office by 15th March, 2014


  • The jury is the EFIC® Committee on Research as of March 2014
  • The successful candidate will be notified in April 2014
  • The decision is final and not subject to appeal

Application details

  • Nominations are invited from individual authors, institutions or groups.
  • Nomination must include a Nomination Letter, a reprint or pdf-file of the respective article, and a short Curriculum Vitae of the candidate including a complete bibliography.
  • If not yet published by the application deadline, a certified copy of the letter of acceptance from the Editor of the respective journal must be submitted.

The documents, together with a covering letter, should be submitted not later than by 15th March 2014 (date as per postmark) by email or mail to:

European Pain Federation EFIC®
Grensstraat 7, Mailbox 3
1831 DIEGEM, Belgium

APPEAL - Advancing the Provision of Pain Education and Learning
EFIC would like to make you aware of the results from the above study. Please visit the EFIC website at: http://efic.org/index.asp?sub=lWaAG1sc58KESH for more information.

Societal Impact of Pain: SIP 2013 Focus Groups for concrete policy outcomes
After three SIP Symposia, this year’s SIP Focus Groups will concentrate on two topics for generating concrete policy instruments and improving chronic pain management in Europe.

For further information please visit: http://www.sip-platform.eu/sip-2013.html

EFIC Grünenthal Grants





  • These biennial grants totalling . 200,000 from Grunenthal GmbH are supporting
    young scientists early in their career to carry out innovative clinical pain research in any
    member country of EFICR (see www.EFIC.org).
  • Individual research grants are valued at up to . 40,000 per project for a duration of up
    to two years.
  • Research grants are intended for clinical and human experimental pain research. Research proposals on animals, computer simulations, cell lines etc. will not be considered.
  • The decision of the awards is made independently by the Scientific Research Committee
    of the European Pain Federation EFICR.

EFIC-Grünenthal-Grant for Research 2012
EFIC have announced the winners of the 2012 EFIC Grünenthal Grant
: www.e-g-g.info.

2010 EFIC Grünenthal Grant
EFIC have announced the winners of the 2010 EFIC Grünenthal Grant

For further information about the grant and the 2009 years winners, please visit: http://www.e-g-g.info/grt-egg/EFIC_GRUENENTHAL_GRANT/Awards/2010/Winners/176400863.jsp

2009 EFIC Grünenthal Grant
EFIC have announced the winners of the 2009 EFIC Grünenthal Grant

The five winners were each awarded a research grant of €20,000. For further information about the grant and the 2009 years winners, please visit: http://www.e-g-g.info/grt-egg/EFIC_GRUENENTHAL_GRANT/Awards/2009/Winners/102500877.jsp

2008 EFIC Grünenthal Grant
EFIC have announced the winners of the 2008 EFIC Grünenthal Grant

The five winners were each awarded a research grant of €20,000. The prize award ceremony took place in Aachen on December 5th, 2008.

For further information about the grant and 2008 years winners please visit http://www.efic.org/eegwinner.html.

2007 EFIC Grünenthal Grant
EFIC have announced the winners of the 2007 EFIC Grunenthal Grant.

The five winners were each awarded a research grant of €20,000 and the prize award ceremony took place in Aachen on 15th November 2007.

For further information about the grant and 2007 years winners please visit http://www.efic.org/eegwinner.html.

EFIC is delighted to announce the endorsement of the EFIC Pain School Klagenfurt 2012.

Please find attached the link to the programme: http://www.efic.org/userfiles/file/EIPCProgramm12.pdf

EFIC will also this year financially support 15 applications which are being brought forward by the EFIC Councillors of the national Chapters, maximum of 2 applications.

For further instructions on the rules & guidelines of the eligibility of the applicants, please visit the EFIC webpage on the pain Schools: http://www.efic.org/index.asp?sub=H9CO1JNBRB3170

Only the EFIC Council Members can appoint maximum 2 candidates for each school to attend. The applicants presented by the EFIC Councillors have to fill out the application form which has to be send to the EFIC Office (secretary@efic.org) before the application deadlines. All the applicants will be evaluated by the EFIC Committee on Education and approved by the EFIC Executive Board, who will decide following the guidelines set by EFIC which applicants will receive the EFIC grant. There is a maximum of 15 EFIC applicants per school.

Please note the deadlines for EFIC Grant applications for the Klagenfurt Pain School - 24 June 2012.

Pain Alliance Europe Launch
This alliance relates to the EFIC Roadmap for the Societal Impact of Pain.
More information can be viewed on the EFIC website by following this link:
http://www.efic.org/index.asp?sub=YMQ39bfQm3D8IA (scroll down on the Roadmap page).

For further information about EFIC and its activities, including upcoming meetings and publications, please contact EFIC directly, or visit their website:

Mrs. Christel Geevels
Executive Secretary
EFIC Office
Grensstraat 7, Mailbox 3
B-1831 Diegem
Phone : +32 2 251 55 10
Fax: +32 2 251 48 10
E-mail: secretary@efic.org







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