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BPS Study Days

The Learning in Pain Series (LIPS) is the educational programme of the British Pain Society. It will provide comprehensive learning in pain medicine as per the International Association for the Study of Pain curriculum and is organised as a series of study days to run for three years.

There will be four LIPS study days in each academic year. The LIPS Study Days are appropriate for single day attendance but it is intended that the days complement each other.

Details of previous Study Days can be found at the bottom of this page.

A Study Day Bursary is available to members of the Society who require financial assistance to attend these Study Days. For details of eligibility, application and deadlines please go to to the grants and awards page in the 'For members' section, or click here.

Please see below for details of the forthcoming Study Days:

The Study days for 2015 are:

  • 13th February Cancer Pain
  • 12th June - Topic TBC

Programmes and booking forms will be avaliable shortly, please check back here.
If you have any queries please contact meetings@britishpainsociety.org

Previous Study Days

There have been 33 study days so far:

1st Study Day 06/01/06 Interventions in the management of pain
2nd Study Day 21/06/06 Anatomy & physiology of pain applied to practice
3rd Study Day 22/06/06 Difficult pain problems
4th Study Day 31/10/06 From acute to chronic pain
5th Study Day 09/01/07 Psychology of chronic pain and suffering
6th Study Day 09/05/07 Opioids and problem drug use
7th Study Day 24/09/07 Headache and facial pain
8th Study Day 05/12/07 Cancer Pain
9th Study Day 31/01/08 Visceral Pain
10th Study Day 07/05/08 Neuropathic Pain - POSTPONED
11th Study Day 29/09/08 Research Methodology
12th Study Day 04/12/08 Acute Pain
13th Study Day 29/01/09 Difficult Pain Problems
14th Study Day 08/06/09 Back Pain
15th Study Day 02/12/09 Neuropathic Pain
16th Study Day 25/01/10 The problems of long term opioid use
17th Study Day 08/06/10 Musculoskeletal Pain
18th Study Day 17/09/10 Use of ultrasound - CANCELLED
16th Study Day
01/11/10 The problems of long term opioid use
19th Study Day 02/12/10 Back Pain - CANCELLED
20th Study Day 10/01/11 Acute Pain
21st Study Day 21/09/11 Crises in pain management - CANCELLED
22nd Study Day 26/10/11 Pain management issues in the vulnerable patient
23rd Study Day 24/01/12 Acute Pain - Preventing Chronicity
24th Study Day 10/09/12 Commissioning Pain Services
25th Study Day 23/11/12 Psychological therapies in the management of pain
26th Study Day 28/01/13 Pain in Older People
27th Study Day 25/02/13 The Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Managing Pain
28th Study Day 10/06/13 Commissioing Pain Services - CANCELLED
29th Study Day 19/11/13 Visceral Pain
30th Study Day 17/06/14 Orafacial Pain
31st Study Day 23/07/14 Cancer Pain - POSTPONED TO 2015
32nd Study Day 28/10/14 Musculoskeletal Pain - CANCELLED
33rd Study Day 24/11/14 Pain Education


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