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Pain News

The British Pain Society Newsletter Pain News is published quarterly and is edited by Dr Arasu Rayen. Members of the Society will receive a free copy and are encouraged to contribute to the content.

Please see below for full details regarding contributing to the Newsletter, placing an advert and booking an insert. Back copies can be found at the bottom of the page.

Print: ISSN 2050-4497
Online: ISSN 2050-4500

Contributing to Pain News
The British Pain Society encourages members to actively participate in Pain News by submitting letters, short clinical reports and news of interest to members, including notice of meetings.

Copy for Pain News should be sent to the Editor, Dr Arasu Rayen, British Pain Society Newsletter Editor, Churchill House, 35 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4SG
or by email.

Please click the image below to view and download the latest issue:

December 2014

newsletter vol 12 2

Things they don’t tell you about depression
Pain medicine training - a trainee’s perspective
Can you feel my pain?
Should placebos have a role in clinical practice?
New BPS Trading company announced

Back copies can be found at the bottom of the page.

Advertising in Pain News
As a member of the Society, you may place an advert in Pain News for commercial or charitable purposes.

Advertising sizes, dimensions and rates
click here to download the 2014 ratecard

Booking advertisements
To book an advertisement in the Newsletter please contact:

Tamara Haq
Senior Account Manager - Commercial Sales
SAGE Publications Ltd
Tel: +44 20 7336 9122
Email: tamara.haq@sagepub.co.uk

Please see the attached rate card for further information on rates and how to submit adverts.


Newsletter Edition
Copy Deadline Date
Publication Despatch Date
10th January
1st March
11th April
1st June
11th July
1st September
10th October
1st December

Pain News insert

Inserts in the British Pain Society’s Quarterly Newsletter
Inserts within the Newsletter can offer you the opportunity to target over 1,400 members specialising in the field of pain.

Please contact Kasia Smolarz on +44 20 7324 8601 for further details.

Back copies

Sept 2014

newsletter vol 12 2

Social Media – benign infl uence or spin?
Changing attitude towards analgesics
Where is your pain?
Teams in Pain Management
Spotlight - Antony Chuter

June 2014

newsletter vol 12 2

Prescription opioid and driving
Tramadol is classified
Do nurses care?
Painful Truth
Spotlight - Jenny Nicholas

March 2014

SIGN Guidelines
Picturing Pain
Good-Bye Pain
Yorkshire Health Study

December 2013

Fit for work team
Return to work
Laughing the pain away
Why not a career in pain medicine
Changing the culture of pain management

September 2013

Spice analgesia
Saving starfish
Antibiotics for back pain
Harnessing patient power

June 2013

Bournemouth ASM 2013
Targets in health care
Difficult patients

March 2013

Octave analgesia
National Pain Audit launch
Trust me, I’m a patient
Numbers needed to heal

Winter 2012


Autumn 2012

Physician, heal thyself
Mindfulness – the Art of Presence
Pain Patient Pathways implementation
Report of the First English Pain Summit
Online Pain Management Programme
Interdisciplinary nature of the PMPs

Summer 2012

Mask: Mirror: Membrane
Time to listen pain
Books on prescription
PMP self-management
NHS reforms and pain services
Engagement in the new health service

Spring 2012

Pain Summit report
ASM Liverpool
Does diagnosis promote disability?
Social media and Pain
Knitting and Pain
Spinal steroid injections
Cost-effectiveness of Pain Clinic

Winter 2011

App to the future
Persistent pain after childbirth
NICE and the British Pain Society
Christmas wish list for the pain clinic
Dilemma of diagnosis in pain clinic- Debate
PainT – visual language for invisible condition

Autumn 2011

Human rights watch: Pain treatment
Psychiatric signposts for people in pain
Pain, suffering and loss of dignity
Tolerance, pain and suffering
Fix for Pain, but does it work?
Internet group for pain consultants
Acupuncture in a group
A patient’s view of acute pain
Survey of radiofrequency

Summer 2011

Health on Net
Unrelieved pain is a global problem
National In-Patient Pain Survey (NIPPS)
The standardisation of care?
The different angles of pain
Treating pain in body, mind and soul
Hope and hopelessness
Work-related learning for acute pain
Art and chronic pain

Spring 2011

General Practice Commissioning
Public Attitudes to Pain
Galen - a good doctor?
History of Clinical Trials
Early Discharge Debate
Health Economics Primer
Role of the Patient Liaison Committee
History of the WHO ladder
Anthropology of Pain
Epidural Audit Comparison
Pain Assessment Score

Winter 2010

Global Pain Issues

Autumn 2010

House of Lords Pain Debate
First International Pain Summit
Polyamine deficient diet
and Neuropathic Pain
Ethnicity, Chronic Pain,
Primary Care and Beyond
Dance: A creative
perspective on pain
Controversies in
Regional Anaesthesia
The opioid debate continued
Transforaminal Endoscopy
of the Spine
The Life of Avicenna
Chronic Pain in Sport

Summer 2010

Joint statement from BPS and NICE
How to create a Special Interest Group
The Manchester ASM
New leaflet for Over the Counter Painkillers
Teaching your grandmother to suck eggs
The Painful Truth
Opioid prescribing
Diamorphine -Necessary or Not?
Pain and Semiotics
Painting over the cracks
The Art of Dying
End of Life Assistance Bill
Vitamin C and CRPS
An Audit of Epidural Injections for pain

Spring 2010

Theories of Pain
The History of the Epidural Analgesia
Chronic Oro-facial pain – More Than Just a Mouthful
Pain research – What do ethics committee look for?
Complimentary & Alternative Medicines in Pain Management
Sheffield’s New Back Pain Pathway and Innovative Website
A Stitch in Time can save…

Winter 2009

Medically Unexplained Symptoms: Beyond Somatisation
Silas Weir Mitchell- the Father of Causalgia
Palliative Care in Kerala, South India – a visitors perspective
Louis Gaston Labat – pioneer of regional anaesthesia
Highlights from the Ethics Seminar 2009
Famous figures in Pain Medicine: John Bonica
A Patient’s Journey - Persistent pain
Using drawings to communicate chronic pain
UK Survey of undergraduate pain curricula for healthcare professionals
Chronic pain services in North West Wales – a G.P. survey
A long walk back to health…

Autumn 2009

The Back Pain Issue - Official BPS documentation
The Back Pain Issue - The Controversy

Summer 2009

autumn 2009 newsletter

The Chief Medical Officers report

Are treatments for pain over-rated?
Laughter in the rain – the link between humour and health
Opium and tea, wars and treaties
Palliative Care in Abkhazia
Table d’hôte or à la carte?
A painful lesson on evidence
Placebos and the relief of pain and suffering
Cultural influences on pain
Fairness in the clinic
The ethics of professionalism and managerialism
Use of ultrasound in regional anaesthesia and pain management
Expectation and pain
Helping patients help themselves more often

Spring 2009

Pain, suffering and analgesia - a global perspective

Facet blocks clear thinking…
Undergraduate education in pain
What ever happened to “Lumbago”?
Interventional Techniques in Cancer Pain Management
Poetry and Pain
Core stability – a growing practice
Are pain management programmes overrated?
Post Traumatic Fibromyalgia and Litigation
Fibromyalgia as a functional somatic syndrome
Spinal Cord stimulation and NICE
Psychosocial issues and labour pain
Paediatric Chronic Pain Issues

Winter 2008

Incapacity benefits and return to work
Intrathecal drug delivery: a national audit

A day in Svay Reing
Philosophy and Ethics SIG
Facet blocks clear thinking…
Pain Education in primary care
Letter from Australia
Mindfulness based Cognitive and Acceptance Therapy
Pain and musical creativity?
Where are we with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?
Post Encephalitis Pain
Low back pain; a choice of symptoms and signs
Department of Health offers hope to Pain Patients and Clinicians

Autumn 2008

Acute Pain Management: Past, Present and Future
Education and training of
pain nurse specialists
Pain Education in Medical Schools in the UK
If all else fails…
Competent for What?
Pain control on a shoe string!
Sickle cell pain
Gabapentin and dystonia
Pain Shortcuts

Summer 2008

ASM 2008 supplement
Reflections on a life “in pain”
Steve’s shingles: nine years of pain
Suffering and the World’s Religions: the search
for meaning in pain
Mental capacity law
The internet - a tool of knowledge and patient
Retrospective audit of percutaneous cervical
cordotomy: Personal experience
Survey on the use of Ketamine Infusions in
Scottish Hospitals

Spring 2008

spring 2008 newsletter cover

Co-proxamol & lumiracoxib
Who are pain clinics for: models in practice
What are pain clinics for? - Early intervention
“End of road” patients
A General Practice/Primary Care View
Peri-operative NSAIDs: friend or foe?
Coping or self-managing?
Moving pain into the community - an inner city experience
Welcoming overseas observers
Chronic pain following breast surgery

Autumn 2007 (and Winter 2007)

pain news autumn 2007 cover

Military Pain Service
Coming to a Trust near you - part 2
Forever an optimist?
When life begins does the pain end?
Pelvic Pain and Quality of Life – a survey
What’s in a brand name?
TENS and pregnancy
The neuromodulation programme: a
qualitative audit of patient feedback
W4: A Chronic Pelvic Pain Assessment Tool
Fascinating Facts about Pseudo-sciatica

Summer 2007

newsletter summer 2007

Primitive Pathways
Sudek atrophy in 11 year old girl
Older Peoples’ Cancer Pain Experience -
Review of the Research
Designed for Pain: Strategy to improve pain
services in Wales
Is it good to talk?
Are Pain Clinics Valuable and Effective?
NAP III & NCAPCIA: Past Present & Future
Fascinating Facts about Facet Joint Pain

Spring 2007

Getting there and going … where?
Conflict of Interest
A day in the life of the President of the British Pain Society
Coming to a Trust near you…
Guidance for 18 week patient pathway to specialist pain management
Chronic Pain and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Fascinating Facts about Sacroiliac Joint Pain
Establishing a chronic pain service in primary care
Neuropathic pain – a drug ladder

Winter 2007

Pain in the Older Person, the Patient Liaison Committee Seminar
Medicine, the Healing Art
If a job’s worth doing…
Poetry and pain in practice
The management of chronic pain: pain management and other self help programmes
Pain Awareness Week
Consent for pain interventional procedures – a survey of practice in East Anglia
Does intrathecal morphine improve long term severe pain scores poststernotomy?

Autumn 2006

Music Perception and Cognition
Pain management in hospitals - a case for integration?
Fascinating Facts about Cervicogenic Headaches
A Standard of Care for the Assessment of Suicidal Risk
Pain training in Birmingham School of Anaesthesia
The neuromodulation programme

Summer 2006

Succesful patient - healthcare professional interaction: a patient perspective
Recent twists in COX-2 inhibitors
Hospital measurements
Nurse prescribing and acute pain
IV ketamine as a pharmacological intervention for chronic pain management in paediatrics - a nurse's perspective
Older adults in pain: reviewing the literature
Cancer pain management; what does pain medicine have to offer?
Fascinating facts about cervical radiculopathic pain syndromes

Spring 2006

New OPCS 4.3 codes for pain management
Progress towards a Faculty of Pain Medicine
ASM supplement
Pain management in primary care: establishing a baseline
Pain management in the independent sector
Fascinating facts about sciatica!

Winter 2006

Ethics of the drug industry: A view from both sides
Mildred B Clulow Award
Payment by Results
The Pain Cookbook: a BPS and voluntary sector seminar
Introduction to the Health Technology Assessment programme
Ten amazing facts about your intervertebral discs

Autumn 2005
Pain Relief - a Human Right?
Abstract submissions for the ASM: raising the standard
The FIPP Diploma - a personal view
World Congress on Pain, Sydney, Austrailia, August 21 -26, 2005
These boots are made for walking?
The 'Learning in Pain Series"
The views may change but the challenges remain the same

Summer 2005
How can we grow personally and spiritually as well as professionally as pain practitioners?
The New Forgotten Army
Ensuring the future of chronic pain services in Northern Ireland
Take a minute to get pain on the Political agenda!
Pain Management Services in the National Framework for
Musculoskeletal Disorders

Spring 2005
ASM 2005
Suffering and Choice
Lessons in pain management
Establishing a faculty of pain medicine of the Royal College of Anaesthetists
Sharing burden of chronic pain
Lumbar ESI survey
GP study day
HRGs progress report

Winter 2005
Everyone else is doing it
The last chance saloon
Ethnic Minorities - do they get a faire deal?
The Emperor's new clothes
Learning to accept suffering
Pain and Suffering

Autumn 2004
Facing the Challenges of Pain
Paediatric Procedure-Related Cancer Pain Management
Transdermal Buprenorphine Pilot Study

Summer 2004
Manchester ASM 2004: Overview
ASM 2004: Evaluation Results
Pfizer Pain Awards
Is Pain a Disease?
Asking questions
Working with a Primary Care Trust

Spring 2004
ASM: First Impressions
Barriers of Effective Care for People Living in Pain
British Pain Society/Neuropathic Pain Research Awards 2004
Dilemmas in Pain Management
Spinal Cord Stimulation: Where's the Evidence
Breakthrough Pain
e-pain: Managing Low Back Pain

Winter 2004
Neuropathic Pain
Our Supporters
Supporters of the Armorial Bearings of the British Pain Society
Let your body do the talking
National Survey of psychological assessment prior to implantation of Spinal Cord Stimulators (SCS) to treat pain
New or revolving door patients with pain - where do I send them?

Autumn 2003
Heart Team Recognised in Major National Customer Service Award
An update on British Pain Society Publications
Training in Pain Management of Anaesthetists
Integrating the pain service: A paradigm for change
The academic pursuit of happiness
Chronic Pelvic Pain
Recording your work
Pain Scales

Summer 2003
Glasgow ASM 2003 review
Pfizer Prize Awards
Results of Glasgow ASM: Session evaluation
Psychological Assessment and Interventions
A Distress Motivation Axis
Angina Pectoris: A Historical Perspective
Nottingham Pain Clinic Survey
Reflections from the Coalface

Spring 2003
Pain Management: An endangered Species?
Psychology: Everyday pains
Embarking on distance learning
A Survey of Pain Surveys in the South Thames region
Pressure, Stress and burnout



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