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Clinical Information Society SIG

Chair Dr Ola Olukoga
Contact Details

Email: kenobbard@britishpainsoicety.org


Dr Mike Bailey, Secretary

Linkmen Dr Jonathan Francis
Dr Roy Miller
BPS Council Member Liaison Dr Ollie Hart
Year formed 2005
Number of members 72
Nature of SIG Clinical information
Description of Activities and Scientific Focus To collect and analyse clinical data relating to pain management, from providers of NHS and private health care services.
Current work - Validation of the amalgamated pain database (supported by the Pain Relief Foundation and Pfizer Ltd)
Forthcoming Events

- Review of pain clinic dataset


Any other news

For information about the Pain Clinic National Data Set click here
Current known software suppliers of the data set:
Terry Devine
Weston King
Packet Quay

National Pain Audit (British Pain Society & Dr Foster)
We are pleased to announce the imminent launch of phase one of the National Pain Audit for England and Wales. Phase one will arrive in late November. The information should be collected by the clinical lead and signed off by the chief executive of your trust. The information will be core data relating to the service composition and personnel involved in delivering the service. Phase two and three are case mix and patient outcome.

To read the audit synopsis, please click here.

You can also find further information about the audit at: www.nationalpainaudit.org




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