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Pain Management Programmes Society SIG

Chair Dr Zoe Malpus
Contact Details

Email: kenobbard@britishpainsoicety.org

Council Liaison Dr Heather Cameron


Dr Kerry mathews, Secretary (psychology)
Mrs Sarah Wilson, Treasurer (physiotherapist)

Alternate members

Main Member- Dr Paul Wilkinson (Chair)
Alternate- Dr David Laird

Main Member- Deanne Barrow
Alternate- Diane Wingfield

Main Member: Dr Kerry Mathews (Secretary)
Alternate- Dr Zoe Malpus

Main Member -Sarah Wilson (Treasurer)
Alternate- Despoina Karagyri

Main Member- Dr Dee Burrows

Year formed 2006
Number of members 150
Nature of SIG Pain Management Programmes
Description of Activities
and Scientific Focus
-Represent UK Pain Management Programmes
-Oversee the Pain Management Programmes National Conference
-Maintain a current register of UK Pain Management programmes
-Liaise with the British Pain Society on issues regarding pain management programmes and assist them in the development of education and training in pain management
-Act as a resource for information
-Promote inter-disciplinaryand multi-disciplinary pain management
Current work  
Forthcoming Events

2015 PMP SIG Conference
17th & 18th September 2015

Any other news






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