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Your membership

We are very pleased that you are a member of the British Pain Society, the largest multidisciplinary professional organisation in the field of pain within the UK.

As one of the Society’s 1,400 members:

  • you will receive a free copy of the Society's quarterly Newsletter Pain News
  • you will receive a free copy of the Society's peer-reviewed quarterly publication British Journal of Pain
  • you will receive advanced notification of the Society's Annual Scientific Meetings (ASM)
  • you are entitled to discounts on ASM registration fees
  • you will receive advanced notification of the Society’s Study Days and Education Days
  • you are entitled to discounts on Study Days and Education Day registration fees
  • you are entitled to apply for the Society’s grants and awards, which include the Clulow Research Grant, Patrick Wall International Meetings Bursary, ASM bursary, Study Day bursary and the IASP World Congress Travel bursary
  • you are entitled to receive a complimentary copy of the European Journal of Pain (http://www.europeanjournalpain.com/)
  • you may join any of the Society's Special Interest Groups free of charge
  • you may request adhesive mailing labels of members, free of charge, for non commercial purposes i.e. research projects. Please note that only details of members who have opted in to receive external mailing will be made available.
  • you are able to contact other members of the Society through the Secretariat.

Keeping your details up to date
In order to help us keep our membership database up to date, please inform us of any change in circumstance i.e. change of address, email, job title, institution and salary.

If your details change, please email the secretariat.

Annual Subscription fee
Your membership subscription is renewable on an annual basis. The subscription year runs from 1 January to 31 December. We require your first years fee to be paid by cheque or debit/credit card. If you are applying to join between the months of July and December, the Secretariat will award you 50% discount for your first year only.

The Society is always looking at ways to reduce the administrative costs of the Society and so is actively encouraging members to pay their annual subscription fee by direct debit. In order to better reflect the additional costs of processing cash/cheque/credit payments, as from January 2009 all members who chose to pay by methods other than DD will incur a £10 surcharge.

Click here to download a copy of the direct debit form.

The subscription fees for 2014 can be found in the table below.


Band Taxable income

Membership Fees
if joining between Jan-Jun

Membership Fees
if joining between Jul-Dec
A >£100,000
B £70,000 - £99,999
C £40,000 - £69,999
D £30,000-£39,999
E £20,000-£29,999
F £12,000-£19,999
G <£11,999
International A >£20,000
International B £12,000-£19,999
International C <£11,999



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