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Suggested reading list

There are many self-help books available about managing pain, and more are published each year. Some are written by people who have pain, and some by people who work with those affected by pain. All the titles below have been recommended to us. They are currently in print and should be available from most book shops.

1. Overcoming Chronic Pain. Frances Cole, Helen Macdonald, Catherine Carus & Hazel Howden-Leach (2010) London: Robinson ISBN 978-1-84119-970-2

This book uses cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to help reduce the experience of pain. Amongst many aspects it explores practical ways to improve sleep and relaxation, shows you how to become fitter and pace your activities and looks at ways to maintain healthy relationships.

2. Manage your pain. L Beeston, A Molloy, M Nicholas & L Tonkin (2011) London: Souvenir Press ISBN 9780285640481

A very helpful book for people living with pain who want to learn more about pain management techniques which they can use. It is informative, but as the authors are Australian, you shoule be aware that it refers to their health service provision rather than the NHS

3. Managing Pain Before It Manages You (3rd Ed.) Margaret Caudill (2008) New York: Guilford Press. ISBN: 978-1-59385-982-4

This popular workbook teaches coping skills proven to decrease the discomfort, depression, and anxiety associated with chronic pain. Through hands-on exercises and homework assignments, readers are helped to understand the pain process, learn about medications and their effects, and recognize factors that exacerbate or relieve pain. Also included are a wealth of helpful ideas on coping with pain flare-ups, staying active, accomplishing personal goals, and more.

4. "Living with Chronic Pain".

chronic pain cd cover

A CD produced by Consultant Clinical Psychologist Neil Berry. You can listen online (free), download (free) or purchase online at: www.paincd.org.uk. Alternatively, you can send a postal order or cheque made out to "Pain CD" for £3.00 to PO Box 84, Blackburn, BB2 7GH

5. Pain Toolkit - Pete Moore

The Pain Toolkit is a simple information booklet that could provide you with some handy tips and skills to support you along the way to manage your pain.

A copy of the Pain Toolkit can be downloaded here.

For further information please e-mail: petemoore2@yahoo.co.uk

6. Explain pain - David S. Butler and G. Lorimer Moseley (2003)
Noigroup Publications, ISBN-10: 097509100X and ISBN-13: 978-0975091005

Cost £44 available from http://www.noigroup.com/en/Product/EPB or try UK Public Library loan.

This book does exactly what it says on the cover 'Explain (the science of) pain' in very easy layman's terms using empathy, intelligence, cartoons and humour.

7. Living with persistent pain in later life: answers to your questions
This booklet provides ideas about various sources of information and advice on living with persistent pain.


British Pain Society Patient Information Leaflets

The British Pain Society aims to produce contemporary guidance, supported by available evidence, on clinical and other pain matters. Most British Pain Society guidelines have an accompanying information for patient leaflet. Documents are updated three yearly to incorporate relevant new information.

To view the list of Patient Information publications, please click here.

Useful Addresses

The British Pain Society and its Patient Liaison Committee has put together a list of UK-based organisations, many voluntary, that specialise in helping people affected by pain.

To view the list of useful addresses. please click here.




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