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Proposals for British Pain Society publications

The British Pain Society aims to produce contemporary guidance, supported by available evidence, on clinical and other pain matters.

Topic proposals for British Pain Society publications usually originate from a member of Council or a SIG chairman. There is no limit to the number of publications the Society produces each year, but part of the Communications Committee consideration process will include determining when the working party can begin work.

If the lead/Working Party Chair is not a member of Council, a Council liaison will be appointed to ensure that the publication progresses according to the timescale. The lead should not formally invite collaboration from any organisation prior to obtaining approval from Council. The process should include a wide consultation process.

The proposal process
The lead must complete a British Pain Society publication proposal form and submit it to the Chair of the Communications Committee, Prof. Nick Allcock, by post to The British Pain Society, Third Floor, Churchill House, 35 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4SG or by email to rsusgaardvigon@britishpainsociety.org. Please see the timeframe information below for deadlines and process overview.

2013 Timeframes

  • All new publication proposal forms requiring BPS funding to be received by the Communications Committee by 7th June. (Proposal forms received after the deadline will be carried over to the following year).
  • Communications Committee to review proposal forms received at their 11th June meeting.
  • Communications Committee to make recommendations to Council at its 20th June meeting.
  • Publication proposers notified after 20th June Council meeting.
  • Publication proposals accepted to be included into the following year's budget.
  • Work on the publication not to commence until the budget year it applies to, i.e. January 2014

    Publication Proposals that have their own funding will continue to be accepted throughout the year and reviewed at each Communications Committee meeting, and recommendations taken to the next available Council meeting following the CC.

    The exact deadline dates will change on annual basis determined by the Council meeting dates.




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