Philosophy & Ethics 2018 Meeting

2nd to 5th Jul 2018



This meeting will take place in rural Leicestershire at Launde Abbey, an Elizabethan manor house set in 450 acres of parkland. 

The 2 themes for 2018 will be 'Burnout' and 'Skilful Use of Language' and they may well overlap to some extent.

We are of course all aware that many professionals are reaching a point in their careers when they are totally unable to continue due to 'overload'. It has become a serious issue within the NHS as well as elsewhere with both colleagues and patients. We are passionate that this should be addressed.

Also, using language in a skilful way can be a vital part of looking after both ourselves and our patients. Being a decent human being and communicating in a caring way can enhance the healing process. It would seem to be self evident but somehow not regarded as high priority. We don't even speak to ourselves very skilfully at times and sometimes hear the voice of that harsh internal critic which can be corrosive to our own wellbeing. 

So far our speakers include Michael Bavidge the well known philosopher and author, Ian Williams GP and graphic artist, Clare Gerada Former chair of the RCGP and now medical director of the Practitioner Health Programme, Mike Platt Pain specialist and bioethicist, Betsan Corkhill wellbeing coach and founder of Stitchlinks, Cindi Bedor Head of counselling at Royal United Hospital, Bath and Jeremy Swayne retired GP, homeopathic physician and priest.

Delegates  arrive on Monday 2nd July in time for the evening meal. The talks take place on Tuesday morning followed by lunch and then you are free to spend between 2 and 4pm walking and relaxing in the gardens and parkland. We meet again then break for the evening meal at 6.30. This format is repeated on the Wednesday.

Further morning of talks on the Thursday and we head off home after lunch.


If you are not a member of The British Pain Society joining will entitle you to the discounted member rate, more information on haow to join can be found here JOIN

  BPS Member Non BPS Member
Registration Fees Before 26th April After 26th April Before 26th Aprily After 26th April
Consultants and GPs £455 £495 £655 £735
Other delegates £335 £345 £415 £435
Accompanying guests £260



Launde Abbey, an Elizabethan manor house set in its own peaceful valley in the heart of the East Leicestershire Wold, surrounded by 11 acres of garden and over 440 acres of pasture and woodland, is near the village of East Norton some 14 miles east of Leicester. It is easily accessible by car or public transport.  

More details are on the Launde Abbey website here

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