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Editorial Board
Felicia Cox, Editor (London, Nursing)
(contactable c/

Assoc Prof. Roger Knaggs, Deputy Editor (Nottingham, School of Pharmacy)

Prof. Sam Ahmedzai, Sheffield, Palliative Medicine
Assoc Prof Nick Allcock, Nottingham, Nursing
Dr Emma Briggs, London, Nursing
Mr Paul Cameron, Aberdeen, Physiotherapy
Dr Karin Cannons, Frimley, Nursing
Prof. Eloise Carr, Calgary, Canada, Nursing
Dr Justin Durham, Newcastle, Oral Surgery
Dr Derek Jones, Newcastle, Occupational Therapy
Prof Richard Langford,London, Acute Pain
Dr Andrew Lawson, Rading, Pain Medicine
Prof. Lance McCracken, Bath, Clinical Psychology
Dr Vivek Mehta, London, Pain Medicine
Dr Mike Platt, London, Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine
Dr Jane Quinlan, Oxford, Anaesthesia and Acute Pain
Prof. Jon Raphael, Birmingham, Pain Medicine
Prof. Patricia Schofield, Aberdeen, Nursing
Dr Katie Warnaby, Oxford, Science & Research
Prof. Paul Watson, Leicester, Physiotherapy
Dr Elaine Wilson-Smith, Sheffield, Paediatric Pain Medicine & Anaesthesia

Production Team
Jenny Nicholas and SAGE Publications 


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Contributing to the British Journal of Pain

Education is a core element of the work of the British Pain Society. To this end, a peer-reviewed publication has been launched. This aims to meet a need for concise, up-to-date summaries from the field. Each edition will have a mix of topics with the aim of interesting the multidisciplinary readership. These will include the basic sciences and the different areas of clinical practice including the psychological, pharmacological and interventional. From time to time the publication will broaden its perspective and publish review articles on the cultural, sociological and economic aspects of pain.

To assist those short of time, the articles are concise with succinct summary points and readers are directed elsewhere for further information or access to cited systematic reviews and seminal works. For those who like to test their knowledge or demonstrate their educational activity, multiple choice questions are provided.

Notes for Contributors:
If you would like to submit an article for British Journal of Pain, detail on how to submit can be found here 

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