BPS Committees

The British Pain Society currently has six Committees; Communications, Education, Executive & Finance, Scientific Programme, Patient Liaision and Science & Research. The Committees are multidisciplinary in membership and reflect the various activities of the Society. Below is a description of the Committees and a list of members for 2016/17.


  1. Communications
  2. Charitable Aims (sub-Committee of Communications Committee)
  3. Education
  4. Executive and Finance
  5. Awards Committee (sub-Committee of Execs & Finance Committee)
  6. Patient Liaison Committee
  7. Science and Research Committee
  8. Scientific Programme Committee


The Communications Committee is responsible for ensuring that information and publications produced by the Society are made accessible to the relevant audience in an appropriate format. The Communications Committee oversees the development of the Society website, publications, and quarterly Newsletter.

Position Name Specialty
Chair Dr Arun Bhaskar Anaesthesia
  Dr Sarah Love-Jones Anaesthesia
  Dr Arasu Rayen Anaesthesia& Pain Management
  Ms Felicia Cox Nursing
  Dr William Campbell Anaesthesia
  Dr Stephen Humble Anaesthesia
  Dr Damien Smith Chronic Pain Consultant
  Mrs Meherzin Das ITC SIG
  Mr Antony Chuter Lay Rep
  Ms Dina Almuli Secretariat
  Dr Paul Wilkinson  National Awareness Campaign Lead
  Dr Andrew Baranowski Exec Officer Link

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Charitable Aims (sub-Committee of Communications Committee)

This Committee is a sub-Committee of the Communications Committee. The aim of the Committee is to coordinate and integrate elements of BPS work to enable effective fundraising and promotion of professional, patient and public awareness working together with other Committees.


Position Name
Chair Paul Wilkinson
Social Media Rep Sam Ahmedzai
Committee Member William Campbell
Lay Member Antony Chuter
Media Rep Alan Fayaz
ICT SIG Chair Meherzin Das
Committee Member Glyn Williams
Committee Member Felicia Cox
Chair, Communications Committee Arun Bhaskar
Media Rep & Membership Roger Knaggs
President & Ex-Officio Member Andrew Baranowski
CEO & Secretariat Support Jenny Nicholas

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The remit of the Education Committee is to deliver the IASP Core Curriculum for Education to those professionals involved in the management of pain through the inter-professional sharing of knowledge and experience. In accordance with this remit, the committee has developed the ‘Learning in Pain Series’; the series will run as a number of study days over three years (2006-2009). This programme will provide the opportunity for small groups to take part in lectures and interactive workshops around key issues in pain management highlighted within the IASP curriculum

Position Name Specialty
Chair Dr Paul Cameron


Vice-Chair Prof. Sam Ahmedzai Palliative Medicine
  Mrs Sue Jenkins Nursing
  Dr Paul Wilkinson Anaesthesia
  Dr Ashish Gulve Anaesthesia
  Dr Athanasia Chatziperi Anaesthesia
  Ms Geraldine Granath Lay Rep
Co-opted Pain Education SIG Dr Emma Briggs Nursing/Education
  Mr Ken Obbard Secretariat
Executive Officer Link Prof. Roger Knaggs Pharmacology

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Executive and Finance

The Executive and Finance Committee is made up of the Officers of Council. The Committee is responsible for matters concerning finance, administration and staffing, in addition to finalising the agenda for Council meetings. The committee meets prior to each Council meeting.

Position Name Post
Chair Dr Andrew Baranowski President
  Dr William Campbell Immediate Past President
  Dr Martin Johnson Vice President
  Dr Paul Wilkinson Vice President
  Prof. Roger Knaggs Honorary Secretary 
  Dr Heather Cameron Honorary Treasurer 
  Ms Jenny Nicholas CEO

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Awards Committee (sub-Committee of Execs & Finance Committee)

This Committee is a sub-Committee of the Exec & Finance Committee. The aim of the Committee is to coordinate and review all British Society Awards and nominations, such as Honorary Membership, Medal of DIstinction, President Thank Yours, and Queens Honors.

Position Name
Chair William Campbell
Lay Rep Antony Chuter
Committee Member Martin Johnson
Committee Member Tim Johnson
Committee Member Roger Knaggs
Committee Member Amanda Williams
CEO & Secretariat Support Jenny Nicholas

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Patient Liaison Committee

The Patient Liaison Committee is responsible for ensuring that the views of patients are represented within the Society. Through the Patient Liaison Committee, the Society is now working with patient representatives to improve patient information and to ensure that patients are consulted during the decision-making processes of the Society. The Committee has recently played a leading role in reviewing the British Pain Society's information for patients publication 'Understanding and Managing Pain' and plays a key role in the relationship between the British Pain Society and the Voluntary Sector.

Position Name Specialty
Chair  Mr Antony Chuter Lay member
  Ms Linda Reid Lay member

Ms Anusha Nirmalananthan

Lay member
  Ms Rebecca Brierley Lay member
  Mr John Holyome Lay member
  Mr Brian Rochford Lay member
  Mr William Streek Lay member
  Dr Frances Toye Research - Anthropology 
  Dr Austin Leach Anaesthesia
  Dr Tim Johnson Anaesthesia
  Dr Andrew Baranowski Exec Officer Link
  Mr Ken Obbard Secretariat


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Science and Research Committee

This committee is responsible for implementing the Society's scientific and research strategies. Work of the Committee has ranged form advising the NHS and private health care organisations to supporting individual research projects of Society members. The Committee also makes decisions on the allocation of bursaries and awards to members of the Society.

Position Name Specialty
Chair Prof. Sam Eldabe Chair / Non-Trustee
  Prof. Pat Schofield Nursing / Non-Trustee
  Prof. Roger Knaggs Pharmacology / Trustee
  Prof. Sam Ahmedzai Palliative Medicine / Trustee
  Prof. Lance McCracken Psychology /Non-Trustee
  Dr Andreas Goebel Anaesthesia/Non-Trustee
  Mr Antony Chuter Lay / Non-Trustee
  Mr Ken Obbard Secretariat

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Scientific Programme Committee

The Scientific Programme Committee oversees the programme for the Society's Annual Scientific Meeting to ensure that the scientific content is of the highest possible standard and that it reflects current theory and practice in all aspects of pain management. This committee is also responsible for managing joint meetings with other organisations.

Position Name Specialty
Chair Dr David Walsh Rhuematology
  Gail Sowden Physiotherapy
  Dr Lesley Colvin Anaesthesia
  Dr Gillian Chumbley Nursing
  Dr Sandrine Geranton Basic Science
  Prof. Ed Keogh Psychology
  Prof. Roger Knaggs Pharmacology
  Dr Vivek Mehta Pain Medicine
  Mr Antony Chuter Lay
  Dr Amanda Williams Psychology
  Mrs Casey Freeman Secretariat
Ex-Officio Dr Andrew Baranowski Exec Officer Link
  Dr Heather Cameron Treasurer

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