Subscription fees

The Society's membership year runs November to October. The annual subscription fees are categorised by taxable income; please see the table below for full details.

Payment of the first subscription fee must be made online during the application process, however, it assists the Society greatly if, in subsequent years, you pay by Direct Debit (as an incentive, members who pay their subscription by direct debit will pay bi-annually).

The first Direct Debit run will take place in November, so please ensure that you return the completed Direct Debit form to the Secretariat by 25 October, in order to be ready to process subscription fees. You may download a copy of the Direct Debit form here.

Please Note: If you join the Society from May onwards, the Society will charge a half year rate. The full year's subscription fee will be collected for the following membership year.

Membership Year 2020
(Valid from 1st November 2019 - 31st October 2020)


Band Taxable income Membership Fees 
A >£100,000 £273.50
B £70,000 - £99,999 £229.50
C £40,000 - £69,999 £182.50
D £30,000-£39,999 £134.50
E £20,000-£29,999 £77.50
F £12,000-£19,999 £38.00
G <£11,999 £18.50
International A >£20,000 £62.00
International B £12,000-£19,999 £38.00
International C <£11,999 £18.50