The European Federation of Pain, EFIC is a multidisciplinary professional organisation in the field of pain science and medicine, consisting of the 37 European chapters of IASP (International Association for the Study of Pain).

The British Pain Society is its British Chapter.

Established in 1993, EFIC's 31 constituent chapters represent close to 20,000 scientists, physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and other healthcare professionals across Europe who study pain and treat patients in pain. EFIC's aims are to advance research, education, clinical management and professional practice related to pain, and to serve as an authoritative, scientifically based resource concerning policy issues related to pain and its management.

European Journal of Pain
Members of the British Pain Society are entitled to receive a complimentary electronic copy of EFIC's European Journal of Pain.

For further information about EFIC and its activities, including upcoming meetings and publications, please contact EFIC directly, or visit their website:

Mrs. Christel Geevels
Executive Secretary
EFIC Office
Grensstraat 7, Mailbox 3
B-1831 Diegem
Phone : +32 2 251 55 10
Fax: +32 2 251 48 10
E-mail: secretary@efic.org



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  2. European Year Against Pain (EYAP)

Latest News from EFIC


The 12th Congress of the European Pain Federation, Pain in Europe XII, will take place in Dublin, Ireland, from 27-30 April 2022. This major biennial gathering brings together the most recognised experts in the field of pain medicine to exchange knowledge, ideas and the latest advances in the field. For further information or to book to attend, please visit: https://efic-congress.org/registration/



The European Pain Federation EFIC is pleased to announce that it will hold a sitting of two of its exams on Saturday 19th November 2022. The Examination for the European Diploma in Pain Medicine (EDPM) and the Examination for the European Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy (EDPP) will be held virtually.

The Examinations will take place as a ‘part 1’ of a two-part process, covering the multiple-choice-question (MCQ) paper for each Examination. The virtual examinations will be held using the EFIC Academy Education Platform. Participants can take the examination anywhere in the world. All registered participants will be provided access to the Platform for the period of the examination. EFIC will provide guidance to first-time users of the Platform. Full details, including specific information on exam conduct and infringements related to the virtual format will be circulated in due course.

Please note: The deadline for registration is 1st November 2022.

Find out more about the Examinations here: https://europeanpainfederation.eu/sign-up-for-the-efic-pain-exams-on-19-november-2022/


We would like to inform you that the applications for the following European Pain Federation Pain Schools are now open:

The deadline for applications is 31st May 2022.

How can I apply for a grant to attend a European Pain Federation EFIC® Pain School?
EFIC offer 15 places per Pain School free of charge via a grant. For the chosen 15 applicants, all teaching and related activities are provided for free, along with accommodation and meals. The only significant cost these applicants should expect to pay is their travel.

Candidates should apply via EFIC centrally using this application form. The application deadline is 31 May 2022. Candidates will be notified by the end of June 2022.

All applications are evaluated by the European Pain Federation EFIC® Committee on Education and approved by the Executive Board.

If a successful applicant is not able to attend the Pain School for any reason, the applicant or the Councillor representing the applicant must inform the office, the Pain School and the respective Councillor in writing minimum 30 working days before the start of the Pain School. If no prior notice is received in this time period the respective national Chapter will be held responsible to pay 20% of the grant (1000€ per applicant).

More information: Please visit https://europeanpainfederation.eu/education/pain-schools/

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European Year Against Pain (EYAP)

The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) with the collaboration of the European Pain Federation EFIC® provides briefing packs and factsheets on the designated theme so that a general message can be unified globally and across Europe. The theme for 2021 is Back Pain.

For more information please visit: https://europeanpainfederation.eu/current-projects/global-year-against-pain/

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