ASM Scientific Programme

Please see below the list of plenary speakers and titles and the list of parallel topics. The full programme will be published in due course.


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Plenary speakers and topics:

Pat Wall Lecture: Preaching to the unconverted: new treatments for chronic pain, Professor Stephen Hunt (London)

A helicopter view on CRPS - highlights of 20 years of research and its relevance to practice, Professor Frank Birklein (Germany)

Neuroimaging of placebo analgesia - how beliefs influence the perception of pain, Dr Katja Wiech (Oxford)

Neuromodulation: an update of the current evidence, Professor Eric Buchser (Switzerland)

Improving management of postoperative pain – what are the challenges? Professor Winfried Meissner (Germany)

The challenges of pain and dementia, Professor Peter Passmore (Belfast)

Why does it keep hurting? The role of central nervous system in chronic musculoskeletal pain, Professor Eva Kosek (Sweden)

The benefits of pain: a new approach to understanding pain, Dr Brock Bastian (Australia)

BPS Lecture: Care for people with painful joints: what works and by whose standards?, Dr Rachael Gooberman-Hill (Bristol)



Parallel session topics will include:

Pain education for patients and practitioners: in person or online?

Cervical spinal injections - kill or cure? In or out?

The impact of chronic pain on workforce participation

The difficulties of assessing pain in older people: research, clinical and educational perspectives

Replacing pain with normal perceptions maybe therapeutically more successful than trying to remove pain?

Research to inform clinical practice. Where are we at and where are we going in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Opioid-induced immunomodulation: mechanisms and potential clinical relevance

Shame, guilt, humiliation: the self-conscious emotions in chronic pain

The adolescent with pain: managing the transition from paediatric to adult services

Recent developments in understanding the central mechanisms underlying chronic arthritis pain

Impact of Third Sector self-management in health and social care services

Managing neuropathic pain in resource poor environments

A multidisciplinary approach to managing sickle cell pain

Pitfalls and pinnacles of publishing

Men, masculinity and pain

Developing Abdomino-pelvic pain services – applying evidence and existing guidelines

Patients with complex problems: What does this mean, how can we benchmark it and ultimately cater for them?

Persistent pain after joint arthroplasty

Neuromodulation – setting up and running a successful service

Challenges in cancer pain assessment

Comorbidity between mood disorders and chronic pain: scientific basis and clinical observations

New this year - oral presentations of research selected from abstracts submitted

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