Wellness zones

At this year’s ASM, the BPS is proud to present a Wellness Zone, coordinated by clinicians from the Dorset Community Pain Service. Four activities known to improve wellbeing are being offered as taster sessions, including Laughter Yoga, Singing for Health, Mindful Resilience and Art for the ASM, which will give you the chance to enjoy a variety of uplifting wellbeing experiences as you make your way through the ASM.

20-minute sessions will be organised for each activity during each lunch break, please choose your session and request your free voucher from the Registration Desk when you arrive. There are limited spaces so will operate on a first come, first served basis.


Laughter Yoga is a fantastic way of keeping fit and healthy whilst having fun! Begun by Dr Kataria in a park in Mumbai in 1995 with just 5 participants, it is based on the fact that laughter has psychological and physiological benefits. Based on the principles of deep yogic breathing combined with playful laughter exercises, laughter yoga is used in many pain services to provide an additional skill for people to deal with persistent pain.

Sarah Sturman, Specialist Pain Physiotherapist has worked with Dorset Community Pain Service since 2005. Sarah is always researching new ways to integrate body-mind approaches to improving wellbeing in the presence of pain. Her creative approach enthuses service users to challenge their boundaries and make healthy movement a part of their active lives.

Her 20 minute taster Laughter Yoga session will offer you a unique opportunity to experience its energizing benefits for yourself.


Singing for health is a terrific way of managing stress, improving our immune response and fostering wellbeing. Research shows that changes in cortisol and cytokines are accompanied by improved mood and oxytocin – having fun through music certainly helps reduce the intense grip pain can have and the social element of shared singing helps combat isolation and improves communal connectedness.

Ann Smith, Specialist Pain Physiotherapist and Team Leader, Dorset Community Pain Service, has 21 years of experience in the pain world. Ann works passionately to raise the profile of pain in the community and helps people face their fears while exercising. She also enjoys pain education and represents the service on a variety of platforms.

You don’t have to be able to sing well (or at all!) to attend our 20 minute ‘Sing for health’ session – just come prepared to let your hair down and have a good time.


Human beings, like the ocean, have limitless resources, enabling us to cope with these times of unprecedented change and the ever increasing pressures we face…the resilience demonstrated by healthcare workers with ever fewer resources is awe-inspiring. Mindfulness has been well-documented in its very positive impact on mood, health and resilience and this taster will provide a booster for you to energise yourself before facing the world again.

Meherzin Das, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Lead, Dorset Community Pain Service has striven for over 20 years to improve pain services for people in Dorset. She believes that tapping into each person’s innate skills and resources empowers people regain their ability to live life meaningfully, in accordance with our motto ‘Soaring above Pain’.

Come and be energised by this 20 minute power session to re-engage with your own personal resilience – taking the sense of being uplifted back into your world.


We’re 50 this year!

At this very special ASM, come and lend a hand.

This project will be facilitated by Helen Albon, Specialist Occupational Therapist, and Alison Wickham, Specialist Pain Nurse and Team Leader, Dorset Community Pain Service

Alison has worked with pain for over 10 years and helps people transition from the physical conceptualisation of pain to understanding and managing it holistically. She can turn her hand to almost anything and her multi-modal approach is a testament to the versatility she models for her team and service users.

Helen has been an OT for over 20 years and enjoys helping people set their own goals in accordance with their values. She upholds quality and is committed to turning ideas into reality, which makes her ideally suited to support our Steering Group, which brings staff and service users together to work on the continuous improvement of our service.

Come and find a ‘50’ and share in the celebrations of this special Anniversary of the British Pain Society and the individual and conjoint strength of its 1,200 members.