Past ASMs

Brighton 2018

The 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting was held at the Hilton Brighton Metropole.

Number of participants: 400 participants attended the meeting.

Scientific Programme: The plenary sessions for the 2018 ASM were as follows:

  • Dr David Armstrong; What can sociologists contribute towards the understanding of pain? 
  • Prof. Kate Seers; Chronic pain - what's it like? Patient and professional perspectives
  • Prof, Eloise Carr; Leaning on the wind: reducing patient, 
  • Dr Amanda Williams; Pain after torture: progress, setbacks and prospects
  • Prof. John Cryan; A gut feeling about brain function: Microbiom as a key regulator of visceral pain

British Pain Society Patrick Wall Lecture: Pain in Mice and Man: Ironic Adventures in Translation, Prof. Jeffrey Mogil

British Pain Society Lecture: Chronic pain epidemiology: from population health to health policy; Prof. Blair Smith

Poster Exhibition: 75 posters and 22 late breaking posters made up this year's poster exhibition

Winners of the oral poster prize presentations: 5 poster abstracts were selected for oral presentation by the Scientific Programme Committee.

  • Lorraine de Gray: Assessment of pain in adults who have a learning disability a snapshot survey of practice in secondary care NHS trusts across the United Kingdom
  • Chandran Jepegnanam: Impact of brief psychological interventions for patients with complex needs: the role of the clinical psychologist within the inpatient pain team
  • Mary-Claire Kennedy: Prescribing opioids for chronic pain in primary care: a qualitative metasynthesis
  • Lorna Semple: What do people with persistent pain think about when they complete the TAMPA scale of kinesiophobia (TSK)? A qualitative study
  • Samantha Wratten: Exploring perceptions of pain relief strategies as masculine and feminie gender norms and stereotypes using Q-methodology

 List of exhibitors:

Abbott [St Jude Medical (UK) Ltd]
Advanced Medical
Boston Scientific
Cardiff Univerity
Grunenthal Ltd
Kyowa Kirin
Polar Medical
Smiths Medical
Universtiy College London
University of Edinburgh
Visit Belfast
Xavant Technology

Birmingham 2017

The 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting was held at the ICC in Birmingham.

Number of participants: 568 participants attended the meeting.

Scientific Programme: The plenary sessions for the 2017 ASM were as follows:

  • Prof. Jane Ballantyne; Lessons learned from US opioid prescribing
  • Prof. Lance McCracken; Beyond belief:  Functional and contextual psychological approaches to chronic pain
  • Dr. Nicole Tang; Pain and sleep: the devil is in the “reciprocal” relationship
  • Prof. Sam Eldabe; Progress and Controversies in Neuromodulation
  • Sir Muir Gray; Population paincare
  • Prof. Stephan Schug; The continuum of acute to chronic pain after surgery.

British Pain Society Patrick Wall Lecture: Reward and motivation in pain and pain relief. Professor Frank Porreca.

British Pain Society Lecture: A resilience approach to chronic pain – challenges for pain research and practice, Prof. Liesbet Goubert.

Poster Exhibition: 135 posters made up this year's poster exhibition

Winners of the oral poster prize presentations: Ten poster abstracts were selected for oral presentation by the Scientific Programme Committee. The posters were split into two categories, trainees and non-trainees, presented across two sessions. The following prizes were awarded to the best oral presentations in each category.

Best trainee/student abstract presentation:

  • Matthew Alexander Jay: Socio-economic circumstances and chronic pain in old age: A life course approach

Trainee/student runners up:

  • Amal Alsubayiel

  • Monika Halicka

  • Helen O’Leary

  • Samantha Wratten

Best non-trainee abstract presentation:

Sadaf Ashraf: Cordycepin, a novel compound fortreating osteoarthritic pain

Non-trainee runners up:

  • Kavita Poply

  • Ben Thomas

  • Francine Toye

  • Vikki Wylde

People’s Choice Poster:


  • Phillipa Newton-Cross:  Reconnect2Life: A web-based resource for patients, General Practice and Community Healthcare Agencies.

 List of exhibitors:

  • Abbott
  • Arthritis Research UK
  • Aspire Pharma
  • Boston Scientific Ltd
  • Breathworks Mindfulness CIC
  • Cardiff University
  • Grunenthal Ltd (Palexia and Versatis)
  • Grunenthal Ltd
  • Grunenthal Ltd (Zalviso/Qutenza
  • Kyowa Kirin International PLC
  • Mainstay Medical Limited
  • Medtronic Limited
  • Mela Solutions
  • Nevro Medical Ltd
  • Optimus Medical Ltd
  • Pain Concern
  • Platform 14
  • Polar Medical
  • SI-BONE Ltd
  • Smiths Medical
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • University College London (UCL)
  • Wolverson X-ray Limited

Harrogate 2016

The 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting was held at HIC in Harrogate.

Number of participants: 511 participants attended the meeting.

Scientific Programme: The plenary sessions for the 2016 ASM were as follows:

  • Professor Frank Birklein, A helicopter view on CRPS – highlights of 20 years of research and its relevance to practice.
  • Professor Peter Passmore, The challenges of pain and dementia
  • Dr Katja Weich, Neuroimaging of placebo analgesia – how beliefs influence the perception of pain.
  • Professor Eric Buchser, Neuromodulation: an update of the current evidence.
  • Dr Brock Bastian, The benefits of pain: a new approach to understanding pain.
  • Professor Eva Kosek, Why does it keep hurting? The role of central nervous system in chronic musculoskeletal pain.
  • Professor Winfried Meissner, Improving management of postoperative pain – what are the challenges?

British Pain Society Patrick Wall Lecture: Preaching to the unconverted: new treatments for chronic pain. Professor Stephen Hunt.

British Pain Society Lecture: Care for people with painful joints: what works and by whose standards, Dr Rachael Gooberman-Hill

Poster Exhibition: 137 posters made up this year's poster exhibition

Winners of the oral poster prize presentations: Twelve poster abstracts were selected for oral presentation by the Scientific Programme Committee. The posters were presented across two parallel sessions and the following prizes were awarded to the two best oral presentations per session.

  • Biased visual attention in patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (poster no. oral10) Janet Bultitude
  • The impact of trait mindfulness on sensory and cognitive aspects of pain (poster no. oral03) Richard Harrison
  • Understanding the physical and mental functioning of those with persistent and resolved Complex Regional Pain Syndrome to help inform treatment approaches (poster no. oral08) Alison Llewellyn
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Patients priorities for defining recovery (poster no: oral 07) Candy McCabe

Paper Prize Presentations: Abstracts were assessed on submission, and the authors of the top 5 best trainee abstracts were invited to present their work at the Poster Prize Presentations Session.  Prizes were awarded as follows:

  • 1st Prize: Pain communication: is there a difference between strangers, friends and romantic partners. (Poster no. 134) Rhiannon Edwards.
  • 2nd Prize: Sex differences in psychological therapies for pediatric chronic pain: impact on pain, disability, and psychological distress. (Poster no. 91) Katelynn E Boerner
  • 3rd Prize: Characteristics of non-cancer pain patients prescribed long term strong opioids in primary care: a population based study using CRPD. (Poster no. 122) Muna Adan

Runners up:

  • Investigating the effects of multisensory illusions on pain and body perception in people with osteoarthritis (Poster no.132) Kristy Themelis
  • State versus trait: Validating state assessment of child and parental catastrophic thinking about child pain (Poster no. 129) Hannah Durand


People’s Choice Poster:


  • Poster no. 98: A prospective audit of response to capsaicin 8% patch treatment in a District General Hospital in North Wales.   Fiona Owen


List of exhibitors:

Actavis UK Ltd.

Allergan Pharmaceuticals

Arthritis Research UK

Astellas Pharma Ltd.

BioElectronics Corp

Boston Scientific

Breathworks CIC

BVM Medical

CME Medical UK Ltd.

Galen Ltd

Grünenthal Ltd.

Medtronic Ltd.

Mela Solutions Ltd.

Nevro Medical Ltd.

Origin Healthcare Europe Ltd

Optimus Medical Ltd.

Pain Concern

Par Laboratories Europe

Patient Liaison Committee, British Pain Society


Qdem Pharmaceuticals

SAGE Publishing

Si-Bone Ltd

St Jude Medical

The Medicines Company

Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK

Wockhardt UK Ltd


Glasgow 2015

The 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting was held at SECC in Glasgow.

Number of participants: 510 participants attended the meeting.

Scientific Programme: The plenary sessions for the 2015 ASM were as follows:

  • Pain education challenges and strategies – making it work. Dr Judy Watt-Watson
  • Degree of difference and connection – exploring the experience of pain in the lives of children and adults. Professor Bernie Carter
  • Pain and psychiatry – body, brain, mind, self and clinical practice. Professor George Ikkos
  • Harm and how we understand it. Ms Sheena Derry
  • Abnormal peripheral nociceptors in fibromyalgia – cause or epiphenomenon? Dr Jordi Serra
  • 25 years of acute pain services – how far have we come and where do we need to go? Dr Jane Quinlan
  • Neuropathic pain matters. Professor Per Hansson

British Pain Society Patrick Wall Lecture: Neuropathic pain(s) – implications of heterogeneity for translations, clinical assessment and prescribing, Professor Andrew Rice

British Pain Society Lecture: The painful workplace, Professor Dame Carol Black

Poster Exhibition: 129 posters made up this year's poster exhibition

Winner of the oral poster prize presentations:

  • 1st Prize:  Sex-dependent regulation of rat C-fibre activity-dependent slowing in inflammatory pain (poster no. 44)
    Allen Dickie

  • 2nd Prize:  Chronic pelvic pain among women of reproductive and post-productive age (poster no. 33)
    Abimbola A. Ayorinde

  • 3rd Prize: The role of B-arrestin2 in opioid receptor signalling in pain and reward (poster no. 41)
    Fiona Bull

Runners Up:

  • The impact of dysmenorrhea on young people’s health-related quality of life (poster no. 112)
    Polly Langdon

  • Self-compassion, chronic pain and pain-related social difficulty (poster no. 120)
    Fiona Purdie

Best Presented Posters: Top 5 best presented posters from the 11 highest rated by the Scientific Programme Committee

  • Poster no. 13: Recognition, assessment and management of the pain of hospital patients with dementia: uncovering the complexities.
    S. Jose Closs

  • Poster no. 103: Sticks and stones may break my bones but poverty will hurt me: health inequalities in a clinical population of 751 paediatric chronic pain patients.
    Matthew Jay

  • Poster no. 107: Barriers to self-management of chronic pain in primary care.
    Katy Gordon

  • Poster no. 115: Learning to live with arthritis: partner’s definitions of acceptance.
    Kirsten Gullickson

  • Poster no. 100: The effect of local anaesthetic infiltration on chronic post-surgical pain after total hip and knee replacement: the Apex randomised controlled trials.
    Rachael Gooberman-Hill

People’s Choice Posters:


  • Poster no. 17: Is there a clinical value to nurse-led telephone follow up clinics post pain intervention?
    Mowafak Abdelghani

List of exhibitors:

Actavis UK Ltd
Allergan Pharmaceuticals
Astellas Pharma Ltd
Boston Scientific
Breathworks CIC
British Society of Clinical Academic Hypnosis
BVM Medical
CME Medical UK Ltd
Fresenius Kabi Ltd
Grunenthal Ltd
Medtronic Ltd
Mela Solutions Ltd
Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Neurocentrx Pharma Ltd
NeuroTherm Ltd/St Jude Medical
Nevro Medical Ltd
Optimus Medical Ltd
Pain Concern
Pain Management Solutions
Pfizer Ltd
Sandoz Ltd
University of Edinburgh

Manchester 2014

The 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting was held at Manchester Central.

Number of participants: 574 participants attended the meeting.

Scientific Programme: The plenary sessions for the 2014 ASM were as follows:

  • Postoperative pain - what are the future challenges? Professor Henrik Kehlet (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • The surgical treatment of facial pain, Professor Paul Eldridge (Liverpool)
  • Psychology and back pain - where next? Developments and opportunities to decrease disability, Professor Tamar Pincus (London)
  • Genetics of pain: examples from osteoarthritis and post-surgery pain persistence, Dr Ana Valdes (Nottingham)
  • At the translational interface of pain: new drug developments for neuropathic pain, Professor David Wynick (Bristol) 
  • Longstanding Complex Regional pain Syndrome: how to we treat today - how will we manage tomorrow? Dr Andreas Goebel (Liverpool)

British Pain Society Patrick Wall Lecture: Gain control mechanisms of pain sensitivity, Professor Rolf-Detlef Treede (Mannheim, Germany)

British Pain Society Lecture: Pain treatment is a human right, yet pain relief is often inadequate; how do we resolve the paradox? Professor Sir Michael Bond (Glasgow) 

Poster Exhibition: 118 posters made up this year's poster exhibition

Winner of the oral poster prize presentations:

1st Prize: Strong opioid utilisation within UK primary care: a longitudinal cohort study of non-cancer strong opioid users
Jane Harvey, Roger Knaggs, Li-Chia Chen

2nd Prize: Reproducible placebo analgesic responses across different modalities
Matthew Leung, Andrea Power, Manuela Hunter, Timothy Rainey, Ann Lenton, Anthony Jones

3rd Prize: Long term effects of perioperative epidural ketamine on pain processing after lower limb amputation: analysis of a double blinded randomised controlled trial fMRI subgroup
Marta Seretny, Liana Romaniuk, Heather Whalley, John Wilson, Alastair Nimmo, Susan Fleetwood-Walker, Marie Fallon, Lesley Colvin

Runners up:

  • The impact of cortical remapping interventions on pain and disability in chronic low back pain: a systematic review
    Peter Daffada, Nicola Walsh, Candy McCabe, Shea Palmer
  • The use of peri-operative gabapentin to reduce acute post-operative and chronic pain after pectus excavatum repair
    Rajiv Malhotra, Rishi Diwan
  • Long-term results from a randomised controlled trial (RCT) of telephone delivered cognitive behaviour therapy (tCBT) and exercise in the management of chronic widespread pain (CWP), and predictors of treatment-effectiveness
    Marcus Beasley, Gordon Prescott, Graham Scotland, John McBeth, Philip Keeley, Karina Lovell, Philip Hannaford, Paul McNamee, Deborah Symmons, Steve Woby, Gary Macfarlane

List of exhibitors:

Almirall Ltd.
Arcomedical Infusion Ltd.
Astellas Pharma Ltd.
Boston Scientific Ltd. 
British Pain Society 
British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis 
BVM Medical Ltd. 
CME Medical Ltd.
dorsaVi Ltd.
Fresenius Kabi Ltd. 
Grünenthal Ltd. 
Hospira UK Ltd. 
Kimberly-Clark Ltd.
Medtronic Ltd. 
Mela Solutions Ltd. 
Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
NeuroTherm Ltd. 
Nevro Corporation 
Optimus Medical Ltd. .
Pain Concern
Pentland Medical Ltd.
Pfizer Ltd. 
ProStrakan Group Plc
SAGE, Publishers of the British Journal of Pain and Pain News 
Somedic AB.
Teva UK Ltd. 
Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK
University of Edinburgh