Bursary Applications

The British Pain Society will be offering bursaries to attend the 2020 ASM in London.

The deadline for bursary applications is 5pm, Friday 24th January 2020.

Please be aware that the Bursary does not include the Supplementary Meetings; however if you are attending the ASM, even on a bursary, you will be eligible for the reduced ASM attendee rates.

Who is eligible to apply for a bursary?
In order to be eligible to apply for a bursary, the applicant must normally:

  • Have joined the Society by the September before the ASM and still be a member at the time of the Meeting, having paid that year’s membership subscription.
  • Have a salary lower than £36,000/annum
  • Evidence of good standing within the Society (e.g. length of membership of the Society, other contributions to the work of the Society).

Priority will be given to those on lower salaries and those submitting a poster that is accepted for exhibition at the Meeting.

How should the application be submitted?
The applicant must complete the Bursary Application Form, available to download below and return to The British Pain Society Secretariat no later than 5pm Friday 24th January 2020, together with the completed Participant Registration Form.

The Bursary Application Form must be countersigned by the Head of Department. If the applicant is not submitting a poster abstract, the Head of Department must provide justification for the applicant’s need to attend the Meeting.
The applicant must not send payment with the Bursary Application Form.

What financial support is given?
The level of support offered to each applicant is dependent on the number of applications submitted, the applicant’s salary and whether the applicant is exhibiting a poster at the Meeting.

Applicants may request the following financial support:

  • Registration fees to attend the Meeting
  • A contribution towards travel expenses
  • A contribution towards accommodation expenses up to a maximum of £50/night for 3 nights

When will the applicant hear if the application is successful?
Applicants will be informed of the outcome by Friday 31 January 2020.

When can the applicant expect to receive the financial support?
If the application is successful, the Society will waive the registration fee and the applicant’s registration to attend the meeting will be processed with immediate effect.

If the application for a contribution towards the cost of accommodation and travel expenses is successful, the Society will reimburse the costs after the Meeting, once receipts are submitted. Receipts are to be sent to the Secretariat, marked for the attention of the Honorary Treasurer.


Please complete and return both forms to The British Pain Society by the deadline of 5pm, Friday 24th January 2020.