1. ASM Plenary Speakers and Topics
  2. ASM Parallel Sessions A1-A4
  3. ASM Parallel Sessions B1-B4
  4. ASM Parallel Session C1-C4
  5. Acute Pain SIG Meeting - 30 March 2020
  6. Interventional Pain Medicine SIG Meeting - 30 March 2020
  7. Cadaver Workshop - 3 April 2020

ASM Plenary Speakers and Topics

BPS Lecture - Plenary Session 1

How not to die yet - 
Dr Phil Hammond

Topical Plenary Session 2
Low Back Pain 

  • Regenerative medicine and biological treatment of the spine. Dr Agnes Stogicza
  • Cognitive Functional Therapy and recent developments in physical rehabilitation. Dr Mary O’Keefe
  • Psychological Interventions for low back pain: start of the art and future directions. Prof Tamar Pincus

Pat Wall Lecture - Plenary Session 3

Pain is just an opinion - Dr Vilayanur Ramachandran

Topical Plenary Session 4
The Big Plenary Debate

NICE or Nasty: Medical paternalism versus patient autonomy: should we be bound to follow professional guidelines?

FOR: Dr Paul Chrisp
AGAINST: Mrs Victoria Abbott-Fleming
Summary/Legal Opinion: Mr Pankaj Madan

Topical Plenary Session 5
Cannabis (Real World Data)


  • Medicinal cannabis – The journey so far. Dr Mark Ware
  • Medicinal cannabis – Experiences from Europe and beyond. Prof. Elyad Davidson
  • Medicinal cannabis – Meta-analysis/Systemic reviews and real world evidence. Dr Paul Farquhar-Smith

Topical Plenary Lecture 6
Fibromyalgia and widespread pain

  • The epigenetics of widespread pain. Dr Frances Williams
  • Autoantibody pain in fibromyalgia - historical perspective and clinical evidence. Dr Andreas Goebel
  • Pathophysiological basis of pain in fibromyalgia. Dr David Andersson

Topical Plenary Lecture 7
Pain Research

  • Understanding pain mechanisms – what have we learned from the laboratory? Prof Steve McMahon
  • New developments in imaging for pain. Prof. Ernest Choy
  • Clinical effectiveness in persistent pain: navigating the evidence maze. Dr Neil O’Connell

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ASM Parallel Sessions A1-A4

Participants are asked to choose one from the following four sessions below and indicate their preferred option on the online registration form.

A1: Personalised Pain – Biomarkers, Big Data and Biologics in 21st century Pain Management’
Chair: Dr Matthew Brown

  • Biomarkers in pain – are targeted approaches hitting the bullseye or missing the point? Dr David Magee
  • Data in pain medicine – will big data and the medtech revolution change the landscape of pain medicine? Dr Matthew Brown
  • Biologics, targeted therapies and pain – are novel therapies causing novel problems?  Dr Paul Farquhar-Smith


A2: Treating patients involved in litigation: Separating the myths from the truths and optimising clinical outcomes
Chair: Dr Glyn Towlerton

  • Medical interventions in litigating patients: Unravelling the facts from the fiction. Dr Jon Valentine
  • Pain management programmes: Experiences and clinical outcome data from The Walton Centre, Liverpool. Dr Hannah Twiddy 
  • Psychiatric & Psychological intervention: The changing views on the impact of the resolution of litigation on outcome. Dr Paul Mallett 


A3: Developments in neuromodulation
Chair: tbc

  • E-tool for SCS referral and selection. Dr Simon Thompson
  • Sub-threshold spinal cord stimulation at various kilohertz frequencies. Dr Adnan Al Kaisy
  • Neuromodulation – the next 10 years. Prof Tom Yearwood


A4: Data Roaming
Co-Chairs: Felicia Cox & Jane Quinlan 

  • Bench to bedside - Procedure-specific Risk Factor Analysis for the Development of Severe Postoperative Pain. Prof Esther Pogatski-Zahn 
  • How PAIN Out data can impact care delivery. Prof Ruth Zaslansky 
  • Chronic pain in inpatients - UK data from the CHiPS project. Dr Suchita Kanagasundaram
  • Panel discussion

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ASM Parallel Sessions B1-B4

Participants are asked to choose one from the following four sessions below and indicate their preferred option on the online registration form.

B1: Legal implications of Multidisciplinary working or ‘I will just book a little injection’
Co-Chairs: Dr Martin Hey & Dr Glyn Towlerton

  • Aspects of consent and the changing laws. Dr Raj Munglani 
  • Non GMC professionals should not book patients for procedures. Dr Jon Valentine 
  • Non GMC professionals should book patients for procedures. Dr Nick Padfield 


B2: Opioid Tapering
Chair: tbc

  • An opioid desprecribing toolkit. Dr Debi Bhattacharya
  • Overcoming deprescribing barriers in general practice. Dr Chris Barker
  • Strategies to manage the addicted patient. Dr Emily Finch

B3: Beyond the Nervous System: pain modulation via other bodily systems
Chair: Mr Craig Crawley

  • The Body’s Protective Systems – Integrating pain management via the sensory, immune, and endocrine systems. Mr Craig Crawley
  • Dietary advice – the forgotten self-management strategy. Dr Lucy Ward
  • Pain reduction and pain management: integrating pain clinic services. Dr Amanda Shulman


B4: How to hit the spot – US guidance vs fluoroscopy for interventional techniques
Chair: Dr Chrstian Egeler

  • Accuracy and safety aspects of lumbar medial branch blocks under US or fluoroscopy control. Dr Sumit Gulati 
  • Cervical nerve root blocks are safer than and as precise as fluoroscopy under US control. Dr Athmaja Thottungal
  • Advances of US for pain interventions, where are we and where can we go? Dr Chrstian Egeler

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ASM Parallel Session C1-C4

Participants are asked to choose one from the following four sessions below and indicate their preferred option on the online registration form.

C1: Meeting the needs of older people – advancing work in pain education and pain in older people
Chair: Prof. Pat Schofield

  • Updated guidance of management of pain in older people. Mrs Margaret Dunham
  • Using patients’ views and experiences to reform pain education for students and health professionals – findings from a meta-ethnography. Ms Kate Thompson
  • Example of an existing patient centred education tool – FLO’s story. Dr Cormac Ryan 


C2: Radiofrequency ablation: are we doing it right?
Chair: Dr Ganesan Baranidharan

  • Does RF technique influence the outcome? What have we learnt from the available evidence? Dr Stephen Ward
  • What are the obstacles to teaching and learning RF techniques? An overview of Cervical RF ablation technique Dr Sherdil Nath
  • An overview of Lumbar RF ablation technique. Dr Ganesan Baranidharan

C3: Should cannabis be used for pain management?
Chair: Prof Roger Knaggs.

  • Endocannabinoid system – how do we ensure safe prescribing of medicinal cannabis? Prof. Maurice Dematteis
  • Medicinal cannabis – Lessons from Canada. Dr Mark Ware
  • Medicinal cannabis- What can UK learn from the experience from Israel and other countries? Prof. Elyad Davidson

C4: Development of a model of care for Inpatient pain services toward better management of patients admitted with chronic and complex pain
Chair: Dr Suchitra Kanagasundaram

  • Chronic and complex pain workload of Inpatient pain services - What next? Dr David Hutchins
  • The role of the physiotherapist in the Inpatient pain team Jackie Walumbe
  • Psychological Interventions – managing the distressed inpatient with complex pain presentation. Dr Zoey Malpus

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Acute Pain SIG Meeting - 30 March 2020

Prof. Dr Med Esther Pogatzki-Zahn
IASP Global Year lead 2020, Chair IASP Acute pain SIG, Council member IASP, Jena, Germany

Dr Kirsty Bannister
Lecturer, Kings College London

Prof. Madelon Peters
Experimental Health Psychology, Maastricht, Holland

Dr Gillian Chumbley
Consultant Nurse, Imperial Health

Dr Ruth Zaslanksy
Scientific Manager PAIN Out, Jena, Germany

Dr Sibtain Anwar
Consultant in Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine, Bart’s Heart Centre and The William Harvey Research Institute, London

Dr Kristin Ullrich
Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain, Barts Health NHS Trust

Dr Alex Wickham
Consultant Anaesthetist, Imperial Health

Dr Madan Narayanan
Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain, Frimley Park

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Interventional Pain Medicine SIG Meeting - 30 March 2020

Dr Sumit Gulati

Mr Martin Wilby

Dr Manohar Sharma

Dr Jan Kalleward

Mr Marco Teli
Liverpool, Eurospine President Elect

Prof. Sam Eldabe

Dr Simon Thomson

Dr Anuj Bhatia

Dr Athmaja Thottungal

Dr Cathy Price

Dr Ashish Gulve

Dr Neil Collighan 

Dr. Martynas Juozaitis

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Cadaver Workshop - 3 April 2020

Dr Hadi Bedran
Clinical Lead for Neuromodulation, Consultant in Pain Medicine & Anaesthesia, St George's Hospital London, UK

Dr Arun Bhaskar
President, British Pain Society, UK Section Chair, World Institute of Pain Council Member, Consultant in Pain Medicine Pain Management Centre,Imperial College NHS Trust, Charing Cross Hospital London, UK

Dr Sadiq Bhayani
Consultant Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust Leicester, UK

Dr Ron Cooper
Representative for World Institute of Pain, Northern Ireland, Past Chair, Interventional SIG, British Pain Society, Consultant Anaesthetist & Pain Specialist, Causeway Hospital, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Dr Teodor Goroszeniuk
President, London Pain Forum, Interventional Pain Management and Neuromodulation Practice, Wimpole Street, London, UK

Dr Sumit Gulati
Chair, Interventional Special Interest Group of British Pain Society, Consultant in Pain Medicine & Anaesthesia, The Walton Centre Liverpool,UK

Dr Ashish Gulve
Interim Honorary Treasurer, British Pain Society, HonoraryTreasurer, Neuromodulation Society of the UK & Ireland Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain Management The James Cook University Hospital,
Middlesbrough, UK

Dr Dalvina Hanu-Cernat
Vice-Chair, UK Section World Institute of Pain, Consultant in Pain Medicine & Anaesthesia, University Hospitals, Birmingham, UK

Dr Ravi Kare
Consultant in Pain Medicine & Anaesthesia, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Norwich, UK

Dr Sherdil Nath
Consultant in Pain Medicine, Private Practice, Umea, Sweden

Dr Stefano Palmisani
Consultant in Pain Medicine, Pain Management & Neuromodulation Centre, Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital, London, UK

Dr James Pilcher
Consultant Radiologist, St George’s Hospital, London, UK

Dr Raja Reddy
President-Elect, WAPMU, Consultant in Pain Medicine, Medway Maritime Hospital, Gillingham, UK

Dr Ashish Shetty
Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia Education and Neuromodulation Lead, Pain Management Centre, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, University College London Hospitals London, UK

Dr Manojit Sinha
Consultant in Pain Medicine, King’s College Hospital, London, UK

Dr Athmaja Thottungal
Chronic Pain Lead, LSORA, Trust Lead Consultant, Chronic Pain Management Services, Kent & Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury, UK 

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