Pat Wall and BPS Honorary Lectures at the ASM

Two Honorary lectures are given at our Annual Scientific Meeting, below you will find information on the lectures and the criteria for them.

Pat Wall lecture

An invitation to deliver the British Pain Society’s Annual Pat Wall Lecture at its Annual Scientific Meeting and receive its associated medal is made to a distinguished and outstanding basic scientist.  This lecture is held in honour of Professor Pat Wall (1925-2001). While Professor Wall was working at Massachusetts Institute of Technology he met Ronald Melzack and they published The Gate Control Theory of Pain in 1965.  Pat Wall was also the first editor of the journal Pain.   From 1967-1990 he was Professor of Anatomy at University College London. He also co-edited the first Textbook of Pain in 1983. He was elected a Fellow of The Royal Society in 1989, was awarded the Royal Medal of the Royal Society in 1999.  He had an international reputation for research work on pain, especially the application of basic research for clinical benefit.


British Pain Society Lecture

The highly prestigious British Pain Society Annual Lecture and associated Medal was first awarded in 2006.  This lecture takes place at the British Pain Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting. It is a great honour to be invited to deliver this plenary lecture, as the person is selected in recognition for their outstanding contribution to the field of pain.  This is normally reflected in their high quality contribution to one or more of the following: science (applied), policy, practice development, patient advocacy and education. This complements the BPS Annual Pat Wall lecture, which focuses on basic science.