Cadaver Workshop

Friday 3 April 2020, 09:00-17:30
Gordon Museum of Pathology and Department of Anatomy, Hodgkin Building, King’s College London, Guy’s Hospital Campus, London SE1 1UL

Hands-On Cadaver Workshop on Interventional Pain Medicine and Neuromodulation Procedures
The British Pain Society will for the first time be organising a Hands-on Cadaver Workshop on Interventional Pain Medicine and Neuromodulation Procedures at the Department of Anatomy, King's College London, Guy's Hospital Campus on Friday, 3 April 2020.

Leading experts will teach the latest interventional techniques at the workshop under x-ray and ultrasound guidance with hands-on cadaver training as well as live model scanning.


09.00- 09.30: REGISTRATION/TEA & COFFEE/EXHIBITION                     

09.30-09.45:  Welcome & Housekeeping

09.45-10.30:  Hands-on Stations 1-8

10.30-11.15:  Hands-on Stations 1-8


11.45-12.30:  Hands-on Stations 1-8

12.30-13.15:  Hands-on Stations 1-8 

13.15-14.15:  LUNCH/EXHIBITION

14.15-15.00:  Hands-on Stations 1-8

15.00-15.45:  Hands-on Stations 1-8 

15.45-16.30:  Hands-on Stations 1-8

16.30-17.15:  Hands-on Stations 1-8

17.15-17.30:  FEEDBACK & CLOSURE


Hands-on Workshop Stations

1. X-ray Guided Interventions for Headache & Cervicalgia:  Cervical facets, MBB, Denervation.

2. X-ray Guided Interventions for Back Pain: MBB, SIJ, Denervation, Racz Epidurolysis.

3. X-ray Guided Spinal Cord Stimulation

4. Combined X-ray/USG Guided Peripheral Neuromodulation

5. Ultrasound Guided Pain Interventions for Headache & Cervicalgia: GON, Nerve Roots, Cervical Facets 

6. Ultrasound Guided Pain Interventions of the Pelvis: Piriformis, obturator internus, pudendal N. Caudal

7. Ultrasound Guided MSK Interventions: Lower Limbs, Knee, Hip, Regenerative Medicine

8. Ultrasound Guided Pain Interventions: Suprascapular, shoulder joint, intercostal nerve, Paravertebral, peripheral nerve


Please note that the programme may be subject to minor alterations.


  • If you are also attending the ASM,  please book this supplementary meeting via the ASM registration page as an additional option.
  • If you are NOT attending the ASM, but wish to attend this full day event, please click HERE.


Please note, reduced rates are available for those delegates who are also attending the ASM.