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  1. Programme Outline

Programme Outline

Monday 30 March / Supplementary Meetings

09:00-17:00         Acute Pain “Synchronicity – Working together to reduce chronicity”
08:15-17:30        Interventional Pain Medicine SIG -" Current updates for  your practice"


Tuesday 31 March/ Supplementary Sessions and ASM

09:30-11:30         Opioids for Non-Medical Prescribers / Meet the Experts / Headache SIG
12:00-12:10         Welcome from President & SPC Chair
12:10-12:50         Plenary 1 – BPS Lecture
13:00-14:00         Lunch & Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium
14:00-15:25         Topical Plenary 2 – Low Back Pain
15:25-16:00         Coffee break
16:00-17:20         Parallel A’s / Ultrasound Workshops

                            A1: Personalised Pain – Biomarker, Big Data and Biologics
                            A2: Treating patients involved in litigation
                            A3: Developments in Neuromodulation
                            A4: Data-Roaming

17:30-18:30         Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium

Wednesday 1 April / ASM

08:00-09:00         Meet the Experts / SIG Business Meetings
09:10-10:30         Parallel B’s / Ultrasound Workshops

                            B1: Legal implications on MDT working
                            B2: Opioid Tapering
                            B3: Beyond the nervous system; pain modulation via other bodily systems
                            B4: How to hit the spot – US guidance v’s fluoroscopy

10:30-11:00         Coffee Break
11:00-11:50         Topical Plenary 3 - Cannabis
11:50-12:40         Topical Plenary 4 – NICE debate
12:40-13:45         Lunch /Sponsored Satellite Symposium 
13:50-15:00         AGM
15:00-16:00         Poster Oral Presentations
16:00-16:30         Coffee Break
16:30-17:10         Plenary Session 5 – Pat Wall Lecture
17:25-18:25         Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium
18:30-late            Drinks Reception and Party!


Thursday 2 April / ASM

08:00-09:00         SIG Business Meetings
09:00-10:20         Parallel C /Ultrasound Workshops

                            C1: Meeting the needs of older people
                            C2: Radiofrequency ablation
                            C3: Should cannabis be used for pain management?
                            C4: Development of a model of care for inpatient services towards better management of patients admitted with chronic and complex pain

10:20-11:30         Coffee Break / Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium
11:35-12:50         Topical Plenary 6 – Fibromyalgia and widespread pain
12:50-14:00         Lunch / Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium
14:00-15:15         Topical Plenary 7 – Pain Research
15:15-15:25         Closing Ceremony


Friday 3 April / Supplementary meeting

09:00-17:30          Hands-On Cadaver Workshop on Interventional Pain Medicine and Neuromodulation Procedures


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