News (June 2023)

FPM/CPOC Position Statement on Modified Release Opioids

20th Jun 2023

There is evidence that the use of modified release opioids after surgery can lead to harm for patients. Adverse effects such as opioid induced ventilatory impairment, constipation, delayed mobilisation and long-term opioid dependence can hamper recovery and rehabilitation efforts. These harmful effects have gained worldwide recognition, leading to a number of organisations from the UK, America, Australia and New Zealand recommending the avoidance of modified release opioids in the perioperative period. Postoperative pain is acute and largely self-limiting, differing in nature to pre-existing arthritic pain. The use of controlled release opioids in this setting confers no benefit for patients but carries an increased risk compared with immediate release formulations. The Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) recommends that opioid prescribers follow best practice guidance from the Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) read more..

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