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Pain News is the Society's quarterly newsletter, accessible online exclusively for Members, which provides information on a range of pain related issues. Contributions are encouraged from British Pain Society Member.

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December 2017

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Twitterchat as educational tool
Estimating others pain intensity, to what extend do clinicians reply on nonverbal behaviours?
Anaesthetists view of managing children's pain post-surgery

September 2017

Pain Apps - are they useful?
Pelvic Pain support network
Facult of Pain Medicine History
A rare case of Facioscapulohumeral syndrome (FSHS) with widespread chronic pain

June 2017


Transition - not just a paediatric issue
Opioid prescribing guidelines
MDT approach to manage sickle cell disease

March 2017


December 2016

To heal or not to heal
New perspective on placebo
Apps, Bots and Wearables: The future is here at present
Educating secondary school students about peadiatric chronic pain
Misuse of gabapentinoids

September 2016

A different perspective on pain
Are men difficult to engage in pain self managment?
Oxycodone in children
Training on pain management for neonates, children and young people

June  2016

Management of pain in people with dementia in the hospital
Some ethical dilemmas
Virtuous patient
Patient reported outcome measures

March 2016

Social media for professionals in Pain Medicine
Impact of dysmenorrhea
The diagnosis – shades of grey
The tyranny of hidden waiting list



December 2015

Can drawings assist us in understanding
children’s pain better?
Breaking the silence – FGM and Chronic pain
Language specific PMP
Social Ecology where politics meets pain


September 2015

newsletter vol 12 2

Third sector
It’s all in your head
Smartphone technology and yoga in pain management
Role of kinesiology in pain management
Consent for chronic post surgical pain

To download the reference list for 'Chronic visceral pain, lessons from cats' please click here.

June 2015
newsletter vol 12 2.

Social inequality
Changing practice, challenging systems
Living with effects of thalidomide
Art of chronic pain management in animals

March 2015

newsletter vol 13 1

Attentional bias modification
Power of invalidation in consultation in chronic pain
Bad back and silverbacks
Reflection on pain experience

December 2014

newsletter vol 12 2

Things they don’t tell you about depression
Pain medicine training - a trainee’s perspective
Can you feel my pain?
Should placebos have a role in clinical practice?
New BPS Trading company announced

September 2014

Social Media – benign influence or spin?
Changing attitude towards analgesics
Where is your pain?
Teams in Pain Management
Spotlight - Antony Chuter

June 2014

Prescription opioid and driving
Tramadol is classified
Do nurses care?
Painful Truth
Spotlight - Jenny Nicholas

March 2014

SIGN Guidelines
Picturing Pain
Good-Bye Pain
Yorkshire Health Study

December 2013

Fit for work team
Return to work
Laughing the pain away
Why not a career in pain medicine
Changing the culture of pain management

September 2013

Spice analgesia
Saving starfish
Antibiotics for back pain
Harnessing patient power

June 2013

Bournemouth ASM 2013
Targets in healthcare
Difficult patients

March 2013

Octave analgesia
National Pain Audit launch
Trust me, I’m a patient
Numbers needed to heal

December 2012

Special Issue on Pain Patient Pathways

September 2012

Physician, heal thyself
Mindfulness – the Art of Presence
Pain Patient Pathways implementation
Report of the First English Pain Summit
Online Pain Management Programme
Interdisciplinary nature of the PMPs

June 2012

Mask: Mirror: Membrane
Time to listen pain
Books on prescription
PMP self-management
NHS reforms and pain services
Engagement in the new health service

March 2012

Pain Summit report
ASM Liverpool
Does diagnosis promote disability?
Social media and pain
Knitting and pain
Spinal steroid injections
Cost-effectiveness of pain clinic