Patient Liaison Committee

The Patient Liaison Committee was created in 2001 to act in an advisory capacity to Council of the British Pain Society, ensuring that the views of patients are represented within the Society. The role of the committee is to respond to requests for comments from Council and its committees, to consider the provision of information for patients about pain and pain management services, to consider means of improving communication between patients and professionals and to encourage patients to be better informed and involved in decisions about their care. The committee also works to improve patient information within the Society and at least one member of the committee is invited to sit on each publication working party.

The main aim of the committee is to bring patients and professionals closer together, to ensure that there is a patient voice within the British Pain Society, to advise on areas of service improvement and patient liaison and education. The committee also raises the profile of pain within the public, professional and public agenda. The PLC keeps in touch with a range of voluntary organisations concerned with pain, and holds annual seminars bringing these organisations together to look at common issues.

The Patient Liaison Committee is made up of between eight and twelve members; 3-4 healthcare professionals and 5-8 lay members. The Chairman is appointed by Council of the British Pain Society and must be a lay member; the chair is a co-opted member of Council.


  1. Patient Reference Group

Patient Reference Group

To download the advert for the Patient Reference Group please click here: PRG advert

The Patient Liaison Committee (PLC) of the British Pain Society does the best it can but with the support of more patients/carers we can bring more perspectives!

The PLC, on behalf of the BPS, has created the Patient Reference Group for patients and carers who can give us feedback by email on our work, publications and consultations (click here for info).

Individual patients and carers can sign up to join this online group at:

Basic personal data (name, email, town (but not address), year of birth, ethnic group, patient/carer or both and gender) will be collected to aid us in identifying demographic information about our Patient Reference Group as a whole, and members will only be contacted with regard to communications relating to the British Pain Society.

Please do recommend this to your patients and if you want to download a poster to display please click here.

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