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31st Dec 2025

Previous Events

Webinar 28/07/2022 Developing the evidence and associated service model to support older people living with frailty to manage their pain - NIHR Study
Webinar 30/03/2022 Pain Management Programme SIG - Assessment and Management of Patients with Post Covid-19 Syndrome
Webinar 07/03/2022 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - First order principles for enhancing wellness
Webinar 07/02/2022 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - Holistic Practices for Holistic Problems
Webinar 10/01/2022 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - EMDR and the Psychology of Persistent Pain
Webinar 13/12/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - A New Way of Thinking About Pains
Webinar 15/11/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - Hypnosis and Imagery for Pain
Webinar 18/10/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - Healers in the UK - Who are they and want do they do?
Webinar 20/09/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - What is pain and how do we talk about it?
  01/07/2021 Enigma of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome - Joint BPS/NSUKI Webinar
Webinar 17/06/2021 Pain Management Programmes SIG - Post COVID-19 Syndrome or Long-COVID: The pandemic after the pandemic
Webinar 19/05/2021 Chronic Pain & Medical Cannabis: Project Twenty21 Research
Virtual Meeting 23/04/2021 RCGP & BPS: One Day Essentials - Pain Management
Webinar 22/04/2021 NICE Chronic Pain Guidelines Webinar
Webinar 15/04/2021 Life after Covid 
Webinar 12/04/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - Pain, Health, Poverty and Inequality 
Webinar 15/03/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - Pain and work - getting people back to work 
Webinar 08/02/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - A trauma-led approach to pain 
Webinar 20/01/2021 Joint BPS/NSUKI Cancer Pain Webinar
Webinar 18/01/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - Discussing NICE Guidelines
Webinar 07/01/2021 Interventional Pain Medicine SIG - RF Denervation: Needle, technique or patient selection. What matters (lumbar) 
Webinar 14/12/2020 Philosophy & Ethics SIG Webinar - Exploring self-management - what does it mean?
Webinar 09/12/2020 BPS Year End
Webinar 29/09/2020 NICE Chronic Pain Draft Guidance
42nd Study day 17/09/2019 North of England Regional Study Day 
Conference 11-12/09/2019 Pain Management Programmes SIG - Biennial Conference
Conference 23-26/06/2019 Philosophy & Ethics SIG
41st Study Day 12/11/2018 Implanted Pelvic Materials and Chronic Pain: The Full Story
40th Study Day 01/10/2018 Integrating Hypnosis into Pain Management
Conference 2-5/07/2018 Philosophy & Ethics SIG
39th Study Day 26/02/2018 Pain in Military Veterans & Pain in Torture Survivors Study Day



Previous Committee run Educational Meetings

Focus on Pain Reseach Science & Research Committee 7th March 2018 PAPERS AND ARTICELS HERE 


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