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31st Dec 2025

Previous Study Days


1st Study Day 06/01/06 Interventions in the management of pain
2nd Study Day 21/06/06 Anatomy & physiology of pain applied to practice
3rd Study Day 22/06/06 Difficult pain problems
4th Study Day 31/10/06 From acute to chronic pain
5th Study Day 09/01/07 Psychology of chronic pain and suffering
6th Study Day 09/05/07 Opioids and problem drug use
7th Study Day 24/09/07 Headache and facial pain
8th Study Day 05/12/07 Cancer Pain
9th Study Day 31/01/08 Visceral Pain
10th Study Day 07/05/08 Neuropathic Pain - POSTPONED
11th Study Day 29/09/08 Research Methodology
12th Study Day 04/12/08 Acute Pain
13th Study Day 29/01/09 Difficult Pain Problems
14th Study Day 08/06/09 Back Pain
15th Study Day 02/12/09 Neuropathic Pain
16th Study Day 25/01/10 The problems of long term opioid use
17th Study Day 08/06/10 Musculoskeletal Pain
18th Study Day 17/09/10 Use of ultrasound - CANCELLED
16th Study Day 01/11/10 The problems of long term opioid use (REPEAT)
19th Study Day 02/12/10 Back Pain - CANCELLED
20th Study Day 10/01/11 Acute Pain
21st Study Day 21/09/11 Crises in pain management - CANCELLED
22nd Study Day 26/10/11 Pain management issues in the vulnerable patient
23rd Study Day 24/01/12 Acute Pain - Preventing Chronicity
24th Study Day 10/09/12 Commissioning Pain Services
25th Study Day 23/11/12 Psychological therapies in the management of pain
26th Study Day 28/01/13 Pain in Older People
27th Study Day 25/02/13 The Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Managing Pain
28th Study Day 10/06/13 Commissioing Pain Services - CANCELLED
29th Study Day 19/11/13 Visceral Pain
30th Study Day 17/06/14 Orafacial Pain
31st Study Day 23/07/14 Cancer Pain - POSTPONED TO 2015
32nd Study Day 28/10/14 Musculoskeletal Pain - CANCELLED
33rd Study Day 24/11/14 Pain Education 
34th Study Day 13/02/2015 Cancer Pain 
35th Study Day 17/10/2015 Neuropathic Pain
36th Study Day 13/07/2016 Pain in Children
37th Study Day 21/11/2017 Medicolegal - CANCELLED
38th Study Day 27/11/2017 Cancer Pain 
39th Study Day 26/02/2018 Pain in Military Veterans & Pain in Torture Survivors Study Day
40th Study Day 01/10/2018 Integrating Hypnosis into Pain Management
41st Study Day 12/11/2018 Implanted Pelvic Materials and Chronic Pain: The Full Story
42nd Study day 17/09/2019 North of England Regional Study Day 


Previous Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings

Philosophy & Ethics SIG
Suffering and Culture
28 June - 1st July 2010
Pain Education SIG 23 November 2010
Interventional Pain Medicine SIG 4 March 2011
Primary & Community Care SIG 9 April 2011
Philopsophy & Ethics SIG
Virtue ethics and the ethos of pain medicine
16-19 May 2011
Pain Management Programmes SIG
The context of pain and suffering
8 & 9 September 2011
Pain Education SIG
Interprofessional Working and Learning:
Rewards and Challenges
29 November 2011
Philosophy & Ethics SIG 2-5 July 2012
Interventional Pain Medicine SIG 28th September 2012
Pain Education SIG 29th November 2012
Philosopjhy & Ethics SIG 10-13th June 2013
Pain Management Programmes SIG - Biennial Conference 25-27th September 2013
Interventional Pain Medicine SIG Annual one day seminar 18th October 2013
Primary & Community Care SIG - Pain and our future 17th January 2014
Philosophy & Ethics SIG Conference 30th June - 3rd July 2014
Interventional Pain Medicine SIG Annual Conference 17th October 2014 
Philosophy & Ethics SIG Conference 29th June - 2nd July 2015
Pain Management Programmes SIG - Biennial Conference 17th & 18th September 2015
Interventional Pain Medicine SIG Meeting (Satellite at NSUKI Meeting) 6th-8th November 2015
Headache SIG Conference 25th November 2015
Philosophy & Ethics SIG Conference 27th-30th June 2016
Interventional Pain Medicine SIG Meeting 16th September 2016
Headache SIG Conference 16th November 2016
Acute Pain SIG Conference 2nd May 2017
Philosophy & Ethics SIG Conference 26th June - 29th June 2017
Pain Management Programmes SIG - Biennial Conference 14th & 15th September 2017
Philosophy & Ethics SIG Conference 2nd July - 5th July 2018
Philosophy & Ethics SIG Conference 23rd-26th June 2019
Pain Management Programmes SIG - Biennial Conference 11th & 12th September 2019


Previous Committee run Meetings


Focus on Pain Reseach Science & Research Committee 7th March 2018 PAPERS AND ARTICELS HERE 


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