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1st Jan 2018 to 31st Dec 2023

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Bath Pain Forum
Tuesday 6th Dec 2022

Functional Autoantibodies in Symptom-based Disorders - Time to Act by Andreas Goebel

Online Lecture via ZOOM

Bath Pain Forum - Free Online Lecture

The Bath Pain Forum was launched in 2000. World leaders in Pain research are invited to present their work and discuss developments.

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Pain, Integrity and the Future of Pain Evidence
Wednesday 7th Dec 2022 at 09:00

At the Cochrane Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care group (PaPaS), we have been delivering the gold standard in evidence synthesis in the field of pain management and supporting the pain community towards better methods and standards in pain clinical trials and systematic reviews for 23 years.

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Interventional Approaches for Cancer Related Pain & Acute Pain and Persistent Post Surgical Pain (2-day) Conference
Thursday 16th & Friday 17th December 2022

This event is taking place ‘in-person’ at: The Rembrandt Hotel, 11 Thurloe Place, London, UK
The first day will outline the latest treatments in acute pain. Speakers will present the latest treatments in acute pain and will present the evidence-base for these treatments.
On day 2, the aim is to define the role of interventional approaches in the treatment of cancer pain.

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Previous webinars

Webinar 28/07/2022 Developing the evidence and associated service model to support older people living with frailty to manage their pain - NIHR Study
Webinar 30/03/2022 Pain Management Programme SIG - Assessment and Management of Patients with Post Covid-19 Syndrome
Webinar 07/03/2022 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - First order principles for enhancing wellness
Webinar 07/02/2022 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - Holistic Practices for Holistic Problems
Webinar 10/01/2022 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - EMDR and the Psychology of Persistent Pain
Webinar 13/12/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - A New Way of Thinking About Pains
Webinar 15/11/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - Hypnosis and Imagery for Pain
Webinar 18/10/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - Healers in the UK - Who are they and want do they do?
Webinar 20/09/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - What is pain and how do we talk about it?
  01/07/2021 Enigma of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome - Joint BPS/NSUKI Webinar
Webinar 17/06/2021 Pain Management Programmes SIG - Post COVID-19 Syndrome or Long-COVID: The pandemic after the pandemic
Webinar 19/05/2021 Chronic Pain & Medical Cannabis: Project Twenty21 Research
Virtual Meeting 23/04/2021 RCGP & BPS: One Day Essentials - Pain Management
Webinar 22/04/2021 NICE Chronic Pain Guidelines Webinar
Webinar 15/04/2021 Life after Covid 
Webinar 12/04/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - Pain, Health, Poverty and Inequality 
Webinar 15/03/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - Pain and work - getting people back to work 
Webinar 08/02/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - A trauma-led approach to pain 
Webinar 20/01/2021 Joint BPS/NSUKI Cancer Pain Webinar
Webinar 18/01/2021 Philosophy & Ethics SIG - Discussing NICE Guidelines
Webinar 07/01/2021 Interventional Pain Medicine SIG - RF Denervation: Needle, technique or patient selection. What matters (lumbar) 
Webinar 14/12/2020 Philosophy & Ethics SIG Webinar - Exploring self-management - what does it mean?
Webinar 09/12/2020 BPS Year End
Webinar 29/09/2020 NICE Chronic Pain Draft Guidance
42nd Study day 17/09/2019 North of England Regional Study Day 
Conference 11-12/09/2019 Pain Management Programmes SIG - Biennial Conference
Conference 23-26/06/2019 Philosophy & Ethics SIG
41st Study Day 12/11/2018 Implanted Pelvic Materials and Chronic Pain: The Full Story
40th Study Day 01/10/2018 Integrating Hypnosis into Pain Management
Conference 2-5/07/2018 Philosophy & Ethics SIG
39th Study Day 26/02/2018 Pain in Military Veterans & Pain in Torture Survivors Study Day


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