Headache Special Interest Group

To provide a forum for members of the British Pain Society with an interest in Headache's.


Dr Vivek Mehta

Officers Dr Anish Bahra (Secretary)
Dr Sarah Love-Jones (Treasurer)
Committee Members Prof. Joanna Zakrzewska
Ms Karin Cannons
Dr Ajoy Pandit (webpage lead)
Council Liaison Officer

Dr Sarah Love-Jones

Year Formed 2014
Number of Members 93

Description of Activities and Scientific Focus

  • Engaging practitioners across specialties including neurology, pain medicine, general practice, and psychology in a dialogue to establish current need and finding creative ways of responding to this need
  • Providing an educational platform to disseminate the current knowledge about understanding of the disease and the mechanisms
  • Researching the impact of the use of medication overuse headache in clinical practice
  • Acting as a key stakeholder in formulating national guidelines and commissioning of services including interventions
  • Encouraging the appropriate investment of resources from different sectors in this field


Further information regarding the work of the SIG is available to BPS Members. If you would like to join the Society to access the range of Special Interest Groups, please click here.





  1. Annual Headache SIG meeting 2015

Annual Headache SIG meeting 2015

We conducted the first Annual Headache SIG meeting on 25th November 2015 at the BPS in London. An excellent programme was presented by a multidisciplinary faculty on the day, providing a knowledgeable overview of very varied and 'difficult to manage' chronic pain topics. 


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