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Improving the lives of people with Chronic Pain - Parliamentary Meeting

26th Nov 2015

On the 18th November 2015 the Chronic Pain Policy Coaltion came together with experts from the health sector to launch a booklet for Parliamentarians with key chronic pain facts, and bring other insights from its Affiliates. 

A summary of the event can be found on Storify at this link and the photos are collated in a Flickr ablum here.

At the event, the following resources were launched;

  • UK Pain Messages, a collaboration between the British Pain Society, Faculty of Pain Medicine, Chronic Pain Policy Coalition and Pain UK
  • The hidden suffering of chronic pain booklet - which aims to provide Parliametarians with a better understanding of chronic pain 
  • Core Standards for Pain Management Services in the UK, a collaborative multi-disciplinary publication.
  • Opioids Aware Initiative, an online resource developed by the Faculty of Pain Medicine
  • The Pain Charter and Call to Action, two initiatives from Pain UK.

The Storify summary contains links to all the resources mentioned at the event.

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