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WHO: guideline for non-surgical management of chronic primary low back pain in adults in primary and community care settings

12th Dec 2023

The purpose of the guideline is to provide evidence-based recommendations on nonsurgical interventions for chronic primary LBP (CPLBP) in adults, including older people, that can be delivered in primary and community care settings to improve CPLBP-related health and well-being outcomes. For this reason, the guideline does not consider interventions typically delivered in secondary or tertiary care settings (e.g. surgical or other invasive procedures) or workplace interventions.

The target audience is health workers of all disciplines working in the primary and community care settings. In this context, the guideline is intended to be discipline neutral. The guidelines will be of use to clinical staff including medical doctors, nurses, allied health workers including chiropractors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, psychologists and community health workers, as well as public health programme and system managers.

Guideline here

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