Pain Education Special Interest Group

To provide a forum for members of the British Pain Society with an interest in Pain Education.

There are currently 253 SIG members.


Dr Emma Briggs

Professor Alison Twycross


Professor Michelle Briggs (Secretary)

Ms Joanne Etherton

Professor Gerbrand Groen

Ms Ethel Hill

Mrs Sue Jenkins (Treasurer)

Dr Sailesh Mishra

Dr Amelia Swift

Ms Kate Thompson

Dr Sunil Arora

Co-opted Members

Ms Despina Karargyri

Professor Ed Keogh
Dr Paul Wilkinson 

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Council Liaison Officer

Dr Paul Cameron

Year Formed


Number of Members

269 (as of May 2017)

Description of Activities and Scientific Focus

The Pain Education SIG aims to:

  1. Improve pain education for patients, the public and healthcare professionals
  2. Promote evidence-based educational methods and technologies that are available to deliver pain education
  3. Provide a forum for interprofessional debate in order to influence policy and encourage wider participation
  4. Stimulate, engage in, and disseminate collaborative research and innovation around pain education
  5. Organise meetings, seminars and workshops on pain education


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