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SIG Members

The Pain Education SIG is made up of a group of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals. There are currently 250 members (April 2019), which are made up of:-

Anaesthesia 76
Nursing 55
Physiotherapy 38
Psychology 31
Other professions 53

If you are not currently a Member but would like to join the Society to access the range of Special Interest Groups, please click here. If you are a member, go to MY BPS, then UPDATE SIG DETAILS, and you can join the SIG by ticking the box next to Pain Education SIG.

How you can get involved

We have a number of working groups 

  • Undergraduate pain education
  • Pain education research
  • Patient education (patients as educators and educating patients)

We need people from all professional backgrounds who are interested in these areas to join our working groups.  We have projects ranging from the development of educaiton materials to the development of research protocols and evaluation strategies.  We are committed to working with other SIGs to create and evaluate resources, seminars and workshops, and publications.  If you are interested in getting involved in a workstream please contact Amelia Swift ([email protected]).

Share your experience and build a community of practice

We host a Knowledge Hub site that we want to build into an active discussion forum.  Please join the hub and use to to discuss issues of importance to you.  To get started go to Knowledge Hub and create an account. The search for the community you would like to be part of - in this case 'Pain Education Community'.  Once you are there you will find a number of tabs that you can use to navigate the available options.  Choose forum to see what chat is happening and to join in.  You can adjust your settings so that new communications go to your inbox.