Education SIG publications

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Papers and editorials

Swift A, Twycross A (2018) Enough is enough: time for a change in pain education Evidence Based Nursing 21(2): 31-32

Swift A, Twycross A (2018) Rethinking pain education Evidence Based Nursing 21(2): 34-35

Swift A, Thompson K, Twycross A (2017) Twitter chats as an educational tool for pain Pain News 15(4): 189-191


Swift A, Parker R, Twycross A (2019) Practice-based pain education to improve pain management: a systematic review BPS ASM

Conference presentations and workshops

Sowden G (2019) Addressing the evidence to practice gap in pain management BPS ASM

  • Optimising the translation of evidence into practice Sowden G
  • What can we learn from implementation science Swaithes L
  • What is the role of educational theory and pedagogy in enabling the delivery of effective pain education and teaching in practice and in educational settings Jenkin S

Briggs E (2018) Excellence in pain education: evidence and solutions for clinical and university education BPS ASM

  • Education in undergraduate healthcare: known models and their effectiveness Thompson K
  • Current pain education in clinical practice: known models and their effectiveness Swift A
  • Mnding the gap: learners' experience of theory v practice in management pain Briggs E

Twycross A (2017) Setting the research agenda for pain education research in the UK RCN International Research Conference

  • Improving pain management through educational intervention: current status and methods Briggs M
  • The influence of policy of professional pain education Thompson K
  • The challenge of curriculum design Twycross A
  • The challenge of competencies and assessment Swift A

Tidman V. (2017) Pain management education locally and globally with a focus on sustainability BPS ASM 

  • Evaluation of Educational Programmes in Developing Countries - Coles C
  • Methods of evaluating pain education in pre-registration health courses - Thompson K
  • Tales from the field - sustainability in pain education - Johnson T